Hello, all. Welcome to another initial reaction with a good amount of typed screaming and laughing….

So, I’ve been really looking forward to these three episodes in the hopes that it will continue along the Green Ring sorta saga, but from what I’ve heard accidentally about it, I don’t think it’ll go that way. In any case, let’s begin.

Scene 1

  • Ah, yes, the preview scene.
  • Haha, a car with a sunroof… (totally not thinking of a car with a sunroof we used to have and the mishaps that followed)
  • And how would this app be useful?
  • Exactly, Katrina…
  • Ahahhahah. Showoff Eugene. Though I bet an app like this in real life could be pretty dangerous in the wrong hands. He’d better not distribute…
  • What? What meeting?

Scene 2

  • What conversation did I just walk into?
  • That sounds like something Jillian would do. That’s the only thing I can say…
  • Uhhh, I don’t really enjoy food sound effects.
  • Random message + random person = suspicious

Scene 3

  • Oh, adopting Buck. Okay then. I sorta figured.
  • Edna Platt?

Scene 4

  • Who is messaging Buck? That’s pretty suspicious, even if they know about your dad.

Scene 5

  • Good to see – uh, hear – Platt again, I guess.
  • What?? Another relative? WHO?
  • WHAT??
  • WHAT?!?!?!? IT’S LEGIT?
  • SHE??
  • What…okay. New character.
  • (kinda was hoping for a returning character)
  • Oh dear.
  • That explains the weird album summary, I think. (“because Buck is beginning to wonder if he really wants to be in a family with Eugene and Katrina)

Scene 5

  • How did the papers know his dad’s real name?
  • Someone else in the car? *continues hoping for a returning character*
  • Maybe it was a murder.
  • Is Jules making sense? “This isn’t who you are. This is something terrible that happened to something else.”

Scene 6

  • Oh, Burnette mention!
  • Wow. Ten years… I guess that is sad.
  • Nice Eugene history.

Scene 7

  • For a sec I thought Jules was there and was slightly concerned….
  • Oh, no, eavesdropping again! Didn’t you learn anything from Old Tricks?
  • OH NO
  • Uh oh.
  • OUCH!

Scene 8

  • No! Ah! WHAT?
  • Oh dear. You couldn’t have stuck around one more second, Buck?
  • I figured Eugene would research that person.
  • “But what did you find out?” Hahah
  • Should I be worried about this plan? Probably.

Scene 9

  • How did Buck get away at 6 AM?
  • …o-kay? I don’t really want to know about your middle toe, Jules.
  • AGH! “What’s the good of snooping if you’re not going to hear the whole conversation?” – Harold Whittaker, Young Whit and the Shroud of Secrecy.

Scene 10

  • Why does he remember?
  • Music bridge to…

Scene 11

  • WOOO! Flashback!
  • (Polehaus53 is listening as well and he called it)
  • Why is Cash using his real name? I thought he lived on aliases.
  • Oh, ok. He’s trying to change.
  • *immediately disproved*
  • What? What did he do? Car thief?
  • Very resourceful fellow…

Scene 12

  • I wouldn’t think many people were arrested during an interview, either.
  • Duh, he didn’t get the job.
  • What if this newspaper guy was the other person in the car?
  • Next stop, Sherriff. It’s fortunate that all these people are still in the town, right?

Scene 13

  • “What for?” That reply sounded creepy.
  • I thought Buck looked like his mother….
  • “I’m Jules.” *Buck changes subject before anyone can ask what her relation to him is*
  • This guy is being strangely cooperative.
  • A whole storage unit of his dad’s stuff. How convenient.
  • (yes, I’m suspicious of this guy)
  • I would keep my guard up…

Scene 14

  • This menu is not very appetizing.
  • “A POST SHOPPING LUNCH!” “CANDICE, THAT’S WONDERFUL!” *restaurant goes silent*
  • So subtle, Eugene….and Katrina.
  • (The Meltsners have never been good at investigating, have they?)
  • This isn’t going well, is it?
  • “Doctrinal statement?” HAHAHAH! Appropriate question.
  • *awkward silence*
  • “Because we’re in a diner.” Not sure whether to laugh or not.
  • A biscuit and gravy burger actually does sound gross.

Scene 15

  • “🎶So what if they’re greasy🎶…” -Thirty Jays Hath September
  • I bet leaving the credit card was Eugene’s fault.
  • Ahh, busted!
  • Well then, that’s a dilemma.

That was actually pretty uneventful as far as the adventure with the map which-we-have-yet-to-find goes. But it was good to hear some Eugene and Katrina interactions. Seriously, though, Katrina is like an endangered character. The last time we heard from her was The Long End (or Lifted Out of Context if you count the Club episodes). Maybe she only shows up for when there is a family crisis.

Anyway, I’ll be posting the rest of this reaction along with some other things later on, so stay tuned.