Welcome back for the continuation of “As Buck Would Have It.”

Scene 1

  • Are you suspicious of Stone yet?
  • Spam messenger calling?
  • Aw.

Scene 2

  • “Another dog?” HAHAH great idea.
  • Buck’s unenthusiastic replies: “Uh-huh…why?” Are you confused yet, Eugene and Katrina?
  • REALLY? REALLY? He doesn’t want to…?
  • He must be suspicious…
  • What?? You can’t just leave.
  • He just did.

Scene 3

  • Asjfnsknf you could have just asked them, Buck.
  • Oh, I see.
  • “Of course it’s where you belong!” Interesting to hear that from you, Jules.
  • None of you are suspicious of this police officer?!

Scene 4

  • This guy is odd. Idk why.
  • …shrimp and grits – I’m not gonna ask.

Scene 5

  • His garage has a keypad? Hi-security guy.
  • Football jersey, fishing…The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • Oooh! A safe!
  • (safes don’t usually lead to good things in Odyssey)
  • Buck’s fingerprint works? That is seriously strange…
  • Money?
  • HEY. Cliffhanger!

Scene 5

  • This situation is so ridiculous it isn’t even funny.
  • I’m just here going like 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Scene 6

  • Papers. Not money. (“I know: you want some papers.” “What papers?”)
  • See, this cop is odd. “Hand it here, hand it here….”
  • Hands up time? -Polehaus53
  • Stone sounds like he is trying to turn them off.
  • Buck’s finally caught on. It’s about time!

Scene 7

  • Finally.
  • For a former con artist, I expected Buck to catch on earlier.
  • Like I said…

Scene 8

  • Aaand here’s the file. This should be fun.
  • What? He worked with Mr. Skint?
  • That was a lot of information.

Scene 9

  • “It’s not like he was robbing banks or blowing up bridges.” That’s helpful, Jules.
  • Oooh! Mr. Skint mentions!

Scene 10

  • Good. That’s a good plan of action.
  • “Do you truly believe he’d be honest with us?” Good point.
  • TELL US!
  • Oh. No.
  • His foster parents’ car!
  • Wow. *door slam*
  • (it’s cool that we get all this Eugene history)
  • Whoa! Buck, haven’t you learned not to eavesdrop? AGH!
  • W H A T ?!
  • (and who are the Matthews?)

Scene 11

  • He stole a car, Buck! How is that starting over?
  • Hmm… diamonds would be an interesting twist.
  • Ah, that makes sense.
  • Did Goldwin murder Cash?
  • “4713.” Hahah.

Scene 12

  • Take bush lessons from Jay. I’m sure he’d be happy to help.
  • Nice doggie.
  • “Quiet! Don’t be so loud!” That always happens. *walking around the house at night, steps on wood floor* CREEEAK!
  • Busted!

Well, things are definitely heating up. This diamond thing sounds interesting and I’m a bit surprised at Buck’s behavior, but we’ll see how things go.