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Odyssey Obsessors

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The Team


ASmouseInTheHouse has been listening to AIO since late 2014. Her favorite album is 53, The Green Ring Conspiracy, and her favorite character is Jay Smouse. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to AIO, messing with dogs, writing, and drawing (though from her profile picture, you can see that drawing is not one of her strong points).


Polehaus53, also known as Overanalytix, is a huge Odyssey fan. He is known to browse aimlessly through various Odyssey sites and search for any interesting information. He also enjoys searching the internet for the newest Adventures in Odyssey products.

Gianna Therese

Although Gianna has listened to Odyssey for as long as she can remember, it was the Blackgaard Chronicles, the first saga she heard, that hooked her to the show. She is the latest addition to the Odyssey Obsessors team, having been invited to write for the blog many months after its inception. Besides sharing her thoughts on various aspects of Odyssey, she aims to prompt others to go deeper with the show’s characters, stories, and themes.

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