Welcome to another brief review, this month on “The Way of the Comic Book.” I did like this episode overall, but we wouldn’t be Odyssey fans if we didn’t find things to nitpick, am I right? Let’s get started.

Okay, first, let’s get something out in the open: I am not a big fan of “media” episodes of Odyssey – Kid’s radio, B-TV, Knox episodes, etc. (NOT counting Imagination Station/ROC episodes/Whit or someone else telling a story. I like those.) I guess I don’t like them because nothing actually happens to the characters in the episode. They are just telling some story that has no affect on the “real world” of Odyssey. This episode was not really a “media” episode, but it did feature multiple scenes with fictional characters.

Quite honestly, I found the first sketch a bit annoying. Captain Absolutely was fine, but Notoriously Nebulous Nancy got slightly on my nerves. Yes, that was sort of the point of her, but even the sketches with the Terrifyingly Tasteless Troll were eh. I dunno. Silly fictional sketches are just not my favorite thing in Odyssey. But hey, Connie worked hard on Nancy: “I thought she was scary…” So I shall leave this paragraph at that.

When Buddy goes to Wooton’s house the first time, he does a series of exercises: Hand warmups, speed sketching, etc. I didn’t think they were super pointless, just strange. Wooton has been watching too many Karate Kid movies. So, when they get into Connie’s studio, Buddy says “I have no idea” when asked why they did those things. It’s safe to say at that point, Wooton wasn’t teaching Buddy about criticism, so he must have had some reason to do those exercises. So why didn’t he explain to Buddy or to Connie? I guess he was still in his mood of “do not question the master.”

Funny story: the first time I heard this episode, I was in a noisy car, so I misheard the “squeezing” scene as Buddy squeezing the picture of Wooton’s face into a ball, squeezing lemon juice on it, adding water, then mixing the paper pulp into lemonade. Delicious.

I had forgotten that Buddy draws. Maybe because his drawing has only been mentioned in one other episode: his first episode! Also surprised that Jay draws too.

Speaking of Jay, allow me to go on a Jay rant. So, Jay is now a comic-book expert and is a fan of Wooton’s stuff. Okay. Apparently, Jay and Buddy have created a comic fan club and Buddy has been brave enough to hand over his work to Jay. Jay has good ideas. But he could communicate them a little more…politely. I don’t really blame Buddy for not accepting Jay’s criticism, because Jay does come off as rude when he points out the issues. I guess that’s another lesson for another time. I was a bit surprised at Buddy railing at Jay on the bus, but Jay’s reactions were great. When Jay mentioned the triple decker sundae at the end, I was thinking of the episode… Triple Decker Sundae.

And now for the main good thing about this episode: The lesson! I thought Wooton’s ‘games’ at the end were very clever and brought his point across effectively. 1, which criticism to take, 2, where it’s coming from, 3, whether it’s true.

….on a side note, the game with the two hamburgers reminded me of the Netflix show “Is it Cake?” in which contestants make cake items and people have to guess which one is the cake when it is placed among similar items. Was that an intentional reference?

Anyway, I actually was pleasantly surprised how the theme came front and center in this episode. I like it when that happens. (*cough cough* Unrelatable) So, applause to that. Maybe now the listeners (and Jay) need to learn about how to properly give criticism!

And now that I’ve reviewed this episode, I myself have provided criticism! Hopefully, I have done it politely. Should they take my criticism? If they want. Am I a trustworthy source? Depends on who you ask. Is my criticism true? Well, after all, this is an opinion article.