So, what’s an obscure AIO reference? This is a commonplace statement a listener delivers, directly mimicking a character’s tone and delivery of the phrase in the episode.

There is a difference between an obscure reference and an un-obscure reference. An un-obscure reference would be an entire exchange between characters that one or more listeners quotes, or something very bizarre that no one would understand unless they had heard the episode. For example, this piece of “A Victim of Circumstance.”:

Jason Whittaker: I’m Jason Whittaker. Who’re you?
Howard J. Weizel: My card.
Jason Whittaker: Howard J. WEa-zle.
Jack Allen: Uh, WI-zle.
Howard J. Weizel: Wi-ZEL, It’s French.
Jason Whittaker: Attorney at law?
Howard J. Weizel: Correct. Give me back the card.

(this is one un-obscure quote that our cousins enjoy repeating, much to the confusion of those who haven’t heard the episode)

And another important note about obscure AIO references – if you fail to repeat the line in the exact manner it was stated in the episode (same tone, inflection), it is not a true obscure AIO reference because any normal person, AIO fan or not, could say such a thing!

Without further ado, here are some of the obscure references Polehaus53 and I use.

I’m gonna get a sandwich.

Xavier Washington, “The Defining Moment”

Xavier says this a couple of times in the episode and is in all honesty, quite a random line because we don’t actually hear him eating the sandwiches. Now, this quote makes quite a nice obscure reference whenever one of us is going to eat a sandwich.

I have no idea.

Mrs. Drummond, “Tuesdays with Wooton.”

Mrs. Drummond had a knack for remembering random facts about people in the thrift store, but when she drew a blank, this was her classic response. This is one of the most versatile obscure references. If someone asks a question you don’t know the answer to, be sure to deliver this line!

Okay, that’s weird.

Matthew Parker, “The Green Ring Conspiracy, part 8.”

Matthew says this in response to Eugene putting Buck’s already-chewed toothpick in a plastic bag. You might not want to follow this statement with Matthew’s next line, which was, “What are you going to do, have it bronzed?” It doesn’t take much effort to find times to use this quote.

That is amazing.

Jason Whittaker, “The Labyrinth, part 1.”

This whole conversation was quite hilarious. Jason’s question about Sue’s identity was inadvertently answered by Mycroft Thugg, who seemed very proud of his fitting last name, and hence Jason’s sarcastic response. This is one obscure quote that I myself use quite a bit. A word of caution with the delivery, though, it might sound rude to people who don’t know what you’re referencing.

He was just making up words!

Hadley Bassett, “The Ties that Bind, part 11.”

Wooton’s recap of Detective Polehaus’ explanation of the Perilous Pen “stringers” evoked this reply from Hadley. This quote is most often used when we hear a strange new word or else write/read something that doesn’t make sense.

I’m sure there are many, many, more that we use. The trouble is writing them down so we can keep track of them! I’m also sure we’re not the only ones who reference AIO in life. What are some favorite lines you quote, obscure or un-obscure?