Yes, I know, this episode has been out for a very long time and I’m only now finishing my reactions. I should be ashamed of myself, and all that… Well, to put it mildly, things have been a bit crazy. But I’m here now and ready to release the past part’s reaction.

Scene 1

  • “I only wanna help you!” Oh yeah??
  • I bet the guy wrecked the car.
  • Oh, the gas station!

Scene 2

  • That bacon tangent was sort of weird.
  • I think I had bacon wrapped asparagus once. Eh.
  • “How could this go so wrong, Eugene?” It’s called eavesdropping. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Scene 3

  • I don’t mind gas smells so much. In moderation.
  • Oh nooo.

Scene 4

  • One bar. Odyssey keeps up with technology, apparently.
  • Who is he calling?

Scene 5

  • “We could make a bacon quilt.” Yum!
  • Don’t ask questions, go!

Scene 6

  • “I am the police.” Good point(s)…
  • Ah, he was the mysterious messenger. But why?
  • Ooh! Here’s the gun! (probably shouldn’t be happy about this, but hey, it’s drama!)
  • Haha, boy friend.

Scene 7

  • Are they going to talk to Candice?

Scene 8

  • Girl *space* friend. Hehehe.
  • Buck’s the expert eavesdropper here.
  • A tradeoff, then.

Scene 9

  • Why did Candice come in when she didn’t have to work…? Not gonna ask. Just did.
  • These scenes are going fast…

Scene 10

  • “The truth.” I figured that would be the trade.
  • Oh, another flashback!
  • Flash back within the scene:
  • Oh noooo. This guy has a thing for guns.
  • End of flashback:
  • Hahaha: “Oops!”
  • Fight scene time!
  • Yay!
  • Smoke canister? Not what I expected.
  • Cover art picture! *click*

Scene 11

  • Eugene has too many tricks up his sleeve.
  • Katrina stole someone’s smoke canisters – how… “It seemed logical to me.” hahah.
  • Are we gonna talk about that first eavesdropped conversation yet?
  • No?
  • Why did they buy shovels of all things?

Scene 12

  • Ah, here we go.
  • Tis about time!!!…
  • Yes, that’s what this was all about.
  • Further from the truth! 😛
  • “I choose you.” Well, that was easy.
  • (Jules just standing there)
  • Huh? A note?
  • For Buck. How convenient.
  • Oh, wow. He wasn’t planning to give it up until Buck was 16??
  • “You know the type.” HAHAHA!
  • “I can’t decide what to do with this, so I’m giving it to you to figure it out.” 😶 Passing the buck, huh?
  • Uh oh…
  • I should have seen that coming.
  • Oh, boy! Another gun. Crime runs in the family, apparently.
  • Oh! I bet Eugene is going to wreck the car with his app thing.

Scene 13

  • Now I wanna know who this Frankie is.
  • Called it!

Scene 14

  • Who is this guy?
  • Eugene is very proud of his invention.
  • Yay, they got the Stone.
  • Oh yeah, the newspaper guy.
  • Lots of info in this scene.

Scene 15

  • I know some people have been waiting for this for a very, very long time.
  • Well, there you are. Case closed.
  • Wait, I can hear Wooton and Penny cheering in the crowd!
  • Mr. Whittaker mention!
  • “Mom and Dad.” Sorry, fans, but that annoys me for some reason. It’s gonna take me a while to get used to that.

Well, that concludes the episode! The mystery was a bit unusual – we got a huge info dump on us in part 2, and I’m still considering the merit of Cash’s plan to dump his diamond problem on Buck. The really good parts of this episode was the tension between Eugene, Katrina, and Buck that eventually turned around for the better. It’s pretty poignant considering that this was Will Ryan’s last episode as Eugene.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Meltsners!