Headcanon: Used by followers of various media of entertainment, such as television shows, movies, books, etc. to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual, and as such is adopted as a sort of “personal canon”.

Urban Dictionary

(I remember when I first started reading AIO blogs and I was like, “What’s a headcanon?!”)

Basically, this post is a compilation of our favorite headcanons we have seen floating around the AIO Web universe! (Please note that this is not an exhaustive list – I’m sure there are a thousand more out there. If you want to send us some headcanons, please do. Maybe I’ll make a post for them!)

By Jo on Welcome to Odyssey:

  • Tom didn’t know how to play chess until Bernard taught him and then Tom won the very first game he played and Bernard was like “okay then we’ve played enough chess now”

On Matthew and Emily’s friendship

  • Emily isn’t super close to any girls, so technically Matthew is her best friend, but sometimes they will argue like siblings and they care about each other a lot
  • Emily will give Matthew things to take apart and Matthew will give Emily mystery books
  • People always give Emily books she already has and only Matthew remembers which ones she has and doesn’t have
  • When they get tired of their siblings they vent to each other… mostly Matthew just listens to Emily ranting about Barrett, but sometimes when Matthew gets frustrated at Camilla or Olivia or even his parents, he’ll vent to Emily.
  • Matthew is practically a member of the Jones family and Emily is practically a member of the Parker family because one is always at the other’s house

AIO Coronavirus Headcanons by MonkeyDude:

  • Connie (and/or Jason) gets super paranoid that Whit will catch it and takes literally every precaution.
  • Bart Rathbone takes advantage of the panic and starts raising prices and advertising like crazy.
  • Jared DeWhite laughs at the rest of the world safely from his fully stocked, concrete walled, underground bunker, locking everyone else out and swearing they should have listened to him while they still had the chance. Then going crazy from lack of social interaction and letting them in anyways.
  • Jay Smouse hoards germ-X and other cleaning supplies, reselling it for favors and loads of cash, while saving more than enough for himself.
  • Morrie starts creepily asking everyone “Surely all the time together with your family made you feel closer? It had to at least feel GOOD to get a break from all that school, right?”, proceeding to stalk away with a satisfied smug.

Jason Headcanons from the team at JW1131:

  • He always agrees to try Connie’s cooking whenever she asks him to taste a new dish she is “attempting” to make and no matter how terrible it is he always finishes it and says “It’s great!”
  • Jason is Whit and Wilson’s caddie whenever they play golf with each other. He always tells himself he won’t go but somehow they always convince him to do it just one more time. Every time he goes it just reaffirms for him how much he hates being Whit and Wilson’s caddie as they always trash talk each other and he has to make sure to stay out of it! At first he tried to play himself with Whit and Wilson but soon realized after one game that he had no talent in the sport. 
  • Tasha threw Jason a surprise birthday party at his favorite restaurant in Odyssey (this was between love is in the air and a question about Tasha) however Connie said “surprise” before everyone else when Jason came in and Tasha was a little upset (though not for too long) about it since it’s always hard for her to surprise Jason. It also works because Eugene said in “crash course” that Connie said “happy birthday” and “surprise” too soon at Jason’s surprise birthday party.

My Only Headcanons:

  • In The Ties That Bind (don’t remember what part) Wooton says, “Penny’s parallel parking and Hadley’s helping her…” Headcanon: Hadley was directing Penny, started thinking about everything that was going on, forgot to tell Penny to stop backing up, and she crashed into one of the other cars.
  • Wooton’s dog, Sam, was featured prominently in ‘Wooton’s Random Ramblings‘ from Clubhouse Magazine. In The Popsicle Kid, Wooton mentioned a doghouse and ‘the dog’, so I assumed that Sam existed in the mainstream. However, we never heard from Sam again. Headcanon: Sam has been with Wooton, up to The Ties That Bind, and somehow escaped from the house fire. Since Wooton had no place to stay, he sent Sam to Alaska with Hadley until things settled down. By the time Wooton got a new house, Sam and Hadley were inseparable.

I’m not a big headcanon writer, but it is fun to read the headcanons of other fans. Keep up the good work, everyone!