One year ago, Polehaus53 and I were staring at the screen of my laptop. We were looking at the preview of our new Odyssey website. Everything seemed to be in order: Our black background, the home menu, the homemade logo. But the question was… should we have the Odyssey Obsessors go live, or should we wait?

The fact that you’re reading this now answers the question of what we did that day. We decided to take the plunge, have TheOO go live, and post the first post.

It’s actually hard to believe it’s been a year.

(depending on who you ask, it feels either longer or shorter than a year)

In any case, we’ve had a great time with this site, especially as a platform for the latest AIO news and our opinions on the latest AIO episodes. I’m looking back on our first post and seeing some things on our list of hopeful content that we didn’t get to do, (namely reviews of Odyssey book series and a post discussing Young Whit and Blackgaard) but I’m hoping we can do those things this coming year!

We also have plans for new series of posts: Odyssey What-If and a series inspired by the Soda Shop topic of “Random things that remind you of AIO.”

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And of course, a big thanks to all our followers, likers, and commenters!

Have a happy new year!