Album 70 has been fully released on the Adventures in Odyssey Club. It started releasing on a weekly basis on December 15, 2020 and finished on January 19, 2021. It will be released on CD on March 9, 2021. You can pre-order a copy from Focus on the Family, CBD, Mardel, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, or wherever you buy your Odyssey albums. The album will be airing on the radio and online later this spring. Or, if you don’t want to wait, album 70 is now available to buy on digital download from the Focus on the Family store!

What are my thoughts (on the album, not the places to buy it)? Where do I start? To be honest, for a long time I was unsure of how to put my thoughts into words without using cliché phrases like “this was a great album!” or “I liked it and rate it five out of five stars”.

Oh, wait, I just did.

On January 21, 2021, a comment on the Adventures in Odyssey Club appeared which best summed up my thoughts:

The comment that appeared under Adventure 85, "If I Never Told You".
The comment that appeared under Adventure 85, "If I Never Told You".

Very well said, Unbungalievable. My thoughts exactly; I only liked everything. In my opinion, this is one of the best six-episode albums we’ve had in a long time.

Nothing is perfect, however. I have gripes. My main disappointment was the mixed up release dates of the episodes in this album. The release of the episode “Christmas Bells” was changed so that it would release on the Club during the week of Christmas. This was something which I don’t think was necessary. “Christmas Bells” was not a Christmas episode, much to my disappointment. It was only a historical episode about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote the poem. Apart from Wilson singing the song and the title of the poem containing the word “Christmas”, this episode had nothing to do with the Christmas holiday season as I had hoped it would. Rearranging the release date was completely unnecessary.
Oh, and as of the writing of this post, “Christmas Bells” is still listed as the second episode in album 70 in the Adventures in Odyssey Club. It still has not been switched.

But the release date is a minor thing. It may just be me obsessing needlessly over the little things that bother me. Those who will be hearing the episodes on the radio and buying the album on digital download and CD will hopefully not have to worry about the episodes being unnecessarily mixed up. This is probably only something that the members of the AIO Club have to deal with.

The only other main thing I had a problem with in this album was the Perkins. As much as I like the Perkins family, I think they’ve been taking too many episodes in the albums. They had two episodes in album 68: Out of the Blue, and again were featured in two in this one. If Odyssey was making 12-episode albums, then I wouldn’t mind so much. But when the albums have shrunk to half the episodes they had before, I believe there needs to be a balance of what characters and storylines are used in each one.

However, I will not dwell on the disappointments.
Wait. *reads the above paragraphs* Okay, never mind, I already have.
But I do have something good to say about each episode.

Jumping Off, Jumping In
This was the first episode released. It was originally announced to be in album 69: Best Kept Secrets, but it got moved to album 70. I had literally been waiting for this episode for a year. It was worth the wait. I liked Jay in this episode. I liked the scenes where Wyatt eats the hot chip and is chased by the dog. We also got to hear from Cooper Calhoun again. Hopefully the rest of his family will appear in future episodes. This was a great start to the album. Perhaps I’ll listen to it for a sixth time.

Auto Response
This was actually the third episode to be released. I had a lot of complaints about this episode. But I did like hearing another episode starring Detective Don Polehaus. I also liked that Rufus, Jason’s employee who last appeared in “Fathers and Sons”, makes a return here.

This one was great. It’s been awhile since Candid Conversations with Connie has appeared in an episode. The parts where Wooton reads the online comments were absolutely hilarious! And the plot twist with Spencer was good. This album also has a bonus feature about how this episode was remotely recorded and the technical difficulties they had while recording it.

The Protector
This was basically “Jumping Off, Jumping In, Part 2”. The continuity from “Jumping Off, Jumping In” was PERFECT! The aspect of Wyatt’s superpower fit in well. I liked the scene where Wyatt tries helping the lady cross the street and the scene where the things in Wyatt’s backpack go crazy. The ending was good as well.

The Christmas Bells
This was the second episode to be released in the Club. Aside from my grumbles about it needlessly getting released early, I liked it. A very well-written historical episode about Longfellow, author of not only the Christmas Bells poem but also The Midnight Ride. It was good. Although some people did not like the ending, I thought it was a pretty cool way to continue the Rydell Saga.

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
The final episode in the Rydell Saga was hard to wait for, especially with that ending of Christmas Bells being released early. I liked this one. I enjoyed hearing Ms. Adelaide again. She last appeared in “Bridget, Redefined” and only had a few lines. I was happy that she plays a bigger part in this episode. I also must say that Emily RULES! That last scene with Emily blowing up at Morrie and Suzu was great. I definitely feel for her. Not as in someone has done to me what the Rydell kids did to Emily, but as in I can understand Emily’s emotions. I am very excited to hear the next installment of the Rydell Saga, which I assume will be the first episode in album 71.

This album has six great episodes, each one having qualities I can praise. To be honest, it’s not very often when that happens. Album 67: More than Meets the Eye is the other six-episode album that I think to be the best, but I had lots of critiques for the episodes in it. It is not often when we get an album, such as this one, with episodes that I can extensively approve of. That is what I believe makes this album so great.

Overall, despite some minor disappointments, I believe that this is one of the best six-episode albums. Album 71 will be released in the Club this coming summer and I look forward to hearing it.

Signed, Polehaus53