That is to say, I have been keeping up with the latest album and comics and everything else, but my thoughts are all up in my head and it honestly would take a lot of time to write an individual post on each topic. So…I’m trying to do a little of everything. Basically a buffet of my opinions on selected topics.

Elsewhere in Odyssey

Well, you’ve seen some of my thoughts on this through Comic Critique.

Regarding the little Christmas arc that happened November-December, I posted some of my thoughts on the Soda Shop, so I’ll reiterate some of that.

  • Bernard was amazing! I loved his artwork and all his dialogue.
  • I am a bit wary of the Leonard Meltsner return. I don’t like the idea of the team bringing back characters in the comic that could feasibly return in the audio series. Because then when fans ask about bringing Leonard back “for real,” there’s a chance that the team might say, “We brought him back in the comic!” And also because they consider the comic as canon.
  • The series felt super jarring because of Buck’s artwork. He looked WAY too young. He looked like (and kind of acted like) he was a 12-year-old.

As for the current arc that is going on…

  • Glossman returns?? I’m not sure what to think about it. Mostly intrigued.
  • Will this be in any way connected to 28 Hours stuff? If so, how will that work?
  • I really hope they don’t bring back Richard Maxwell in this series for the reason I mentioned above: “Oh, he doesn’t need to come back in the audio series, he came back in the comic!”

AIO FaceBook Content

Things such as their Twilife Zone, Fine Art Friday, Wooton’s House, Jason’s Jargon, Whit’s Weekly Challenge….

  • The AI Fine Art is hit or miss. Whit and Bernard’s were creepy if you ask me. Just the concept of the official AIO team posting AI art for AIO characters is a bit strange…
  • Tour of Wooton’s House is fun.
  • It’s cool to see some of the old stuff in Twilife Zone.
  • Overall, it’s great that AIO is being so active on social media, but I do wish that their artwork could be better than photoshop/AI.
  • If they are going to go all-out with Byte-Sized adventures and actually make artwork for every episode, I think they should hire Gary Locke to do original pieces instead of photoshopping. If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Album 74: Buckle Up

This album was interesting to say the least. I won’t comment on every episode.

  • Game Night – interesting and valid implications of Jillian’s undercover personality. I have a feeling that more people are going to unintentionally get in on the secret. Overall, I thought the episode premise was a bit strange. I think that’s more of a personal opinion. For some reason, holding a formal game night feels really weird to me (especially with formal invitations with formal rules). I was looking over my old initial reaction and saw that I wrote, “Everyone is in a bad mood in this episode.” Which I still kind of agree with, but lesson was learned at the end, so why am I complaining?
  • Renee Renewed – they changed Renee’s voice actress! I noticed as soon as the episode started and I am pretty sad about it. As for the episode, Horus’ invention is a bit concerning. I wonder if the Personality Enhancer and Astan Lebernis will connect to the 28 Hours arc.
  • Value in the Process – Um… a relatively sane Rydell episode? Maybe? It was definitely better than “The Team.” But whiny Morrie was a bit annoying, and poor Trey has been through a lot in this album…
  • King of My Heart – first off, I really dislike the title. It works, but somehow with Buck and Jules being non-Christians, the title implied something faith-related. Nope. Just an episode making Buckles official. I wrote more about this on the Soda Shop, but the bottom line of my thoughts on this is that I’m worried about having the only official teen dating relationship on the show being between two non-Christians because of how much younger listeners love their characters and (to paraphrase a comment I once read) “use them as an example” for their own relationships.

All that being said…

Thanks for reading my rambling opinions. I might do this again sometime.