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Before I start, I should issue a spoiler warning:



Okay, you have been warned. Read at your own risk.

This is going to be a pretty short post, but I thought I should write it anyway so that I can have my thoughts out there after listening to “Tough Call”, a good episode that was not what I expected it to be.

Why was it not what I expected it to be? Well, I had predicted that the episode “King of My Heart” would be the next part of Olivia’s arc. However, this was not the case; it turned out to be “Tough Call” that was the next one, completely destroying my expectations of the next Buck and Jules episode, which evidently is not “Tough Call”.

Thanks to Clubhouse Magazine, we got a summary for the episode “King of My Heart”.

Three’s A Crowd
Homecoming’s coming. But before Buck can invite Jules to the big banquet, someone else does. Uh-oh!

Clubhouse Magazine

So, it looks like the Buck and Jules episode is about Odyssey High School Homecoming… and the episode is called “King of My Heart”. Uh, I am unsure of what to think about this…

Buck and Jules have been shipped together, being declared as a couple by lots of Odyssey fans. Their ship names include “Buckles”, or “Juliver”. It has been theorized that the album references them, since after all, this album is called “Buckle Up”.
I should probably give my opinion on Buck and Jules, but I’d like to save that for another post. I’ll just say for now that I am personally not in favor of Buck and Jules together.

So, with all this in mind, where does this put us in regards of what to expect in “King of My Heart”?

The album summary gave a general statement on this episode.

Elsewhere in town, friendships are at stake when Buck and Jules hit a rough patch that could endanger theirs

Album Summary

Before, I had just said that I was not feeling very interested in this episode because I thought that Buck and Jules are generally always having disagreements and that this would be no different. But now with Clubhouse Magazine’s very specific summary, I can see how this is something a little more major than other disagreements they’ve had.

SO, what are my predictions? Well, my question is who is it that asks Jules to the banquet? I really can’t think of anyone else who would before Buck could. Perhaps the guy, Devan, from “For A Song”? Would the episode be about Buck’s reaction to Jules going with someone else?

My guess is that Buck’s side will be shown, his reaction of someone else invited her to the banquet. The album summary says that they hit a “rough patch” in their friendship, endangering it. It would be interesting if the phrase “king of my heart” is used in the episode and Buck overhears it and thinks it is Jules referring to the person who asked her to the banquet and starts overreacting. I’m going to guess that this invite creates tension between them, but that something dramatic will happen that will make them sort out their feelings and realize that they are overreacting over nothing. And I guess someone will be declared Homecoming King. Maybe Buck.

I have not been keeping up with the Official Podcast, specifically the episode where they discuss Buck and Jules, so I am unsure of what was said in that episode in regard to the two characters as a couple. But I think that “King of My Heart” will end with them in the same place as they have been because I don’t think the AIO Team will actually pursue this idea.

Well, this was pretty short, but those are all the thoughts I have for now. I’ll be listening to this episode as soon as I can.

-Signed, Polehaus53