Life has been busy. I would have really liked to post about 28 Hours – maybe I will at some point – but quite honestly, I don’t have the time to sit down and re-listen and write about the album. So, here’s another rant, this time about one of the free “Elsewhere in Odyssey” comics.

This one was about Odyssey’s heat wave. Sadly, I have some issues with it. (so did the people on the AIO FB group)

#1. How Old is Connie, Anyway??

Connie the Teenager

Is it just me, or did she look a little too young for her current AIO status?

#2. What Happened to Eugene?!

Ah! The hair!

Was this an attempt to comic-ize the old art of Eugene with the huge hair and no eyes? If so, that is a bit disorienting. Since Eugene had a haircut and new look with the relaunch, it makes me wonder when this comic takes place.

New information confirms this theory that this was a “retro” AIO comic, set in the old days of Odyssey.

The October free comic features Eugene again – but he looks like the relaunch Eugene.

Yes! They fixed the hair!

So yeah. Not a bad comic content-wise. Some didn’t like the characters in shorts, but I don’t really mind. Another thing I don’t get is how they are making Whit look exactly the same in all the comics. Connie and Eugene looked younger, so why doesn’t Whit? Unless you count them making Whit overweight in the present-day comics “aging.”

I have many thoughts and questions about the comics and their Facebook page content. Hopefully I will get to post about that, as well.