Greetings and salutations. A while ago I voted in the 2022 Avery Awards for Album 71: A Slippery Slope and Album 72: The Long Road Home. Today I shall be going through each category and writing down my thoughts and reasoning on my votes. I started typing this up back when I voted a few months ago, but I didn’t get a chance to finish it. I don’t know when the results for the Avery Awards will be announced, but I think it will be sometime this month, so I wanted to get this published before they release.

So, without further ado, here is what I voted for in the 2022 Avery Awards!

Best Actress

So, the nominations for best actress are the following:

Natalie Lander as Zoe Grant in “Set a Watchman”
Shona Rodman as Jules Kendall in “As Buck Would Have It”
Audrey Wasilewski as Katrina Meltsner in “As Buck Would Have It”
Cristina Pucelli as Emily Jones in “The Team”
Kelly Stables as Olivia Parker in “The Lost One”

My Vote
We’ve got some good options here. Shona Rodman as Jules Kendall wins best actress whenever she is a nomination. Don’t get me wrong, she does a great job playing Jules. But she has won that category in these editions of the Avery Awards: 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021. That’s literally every single time she has been nominated. Let’s have some variety; I believe that there were better options to vote for this year than the Buck and Jules things. As much as I like Emily Jones and Cristina Pucelli, I wasn’t extremely impressed by “The Team” or the actors in it. Audrey Wasilewski as Katrina Meltsner is definitely an option I’m considering. However, I feel like the character of Katrina is underused. It is not very often when we hear from her. Due to the actress’ rare appearances, I don’t have very much to judge in comparison with actresses who appear frequently. Therefore, I vote Kelly Stables as Olivia Parker in “The Lost One”. Her performance as Olivia was very well-done.

Favorite Storyline

Olivia’s journey of faith from doubts to belief
Buck’s road from his family history to adoption
The creation of the team with Morrie, Suzu, Emily, and Cooper

My Vote
Alright, three main storylines to choose from. First off, I wasn’t a big fan of “The Team”. It seemed as though Emily was helping Cooper hide his blackmail from his parents, they went to great lengths to do this, and it felt as though the episode was encouraging this behavior. I also do not think Emily needs to be hanging around the Rydell kids. But that’s another post for another time. The ongoing Buck Oliver storyline was good, I enjoyed it. However, this is a storyline which has been going on for a while. These albums introduce a brand-new story: Olivia and her struggle with her faith. This was a very unique story and I enjoyed it. Therefore, I vote Olivia’s journey of faith from doubts to belief.

Best Sound Design

All 12 episodes nominated.

My Vote
All the episodes in these albums had great sound design. I don’t think very deeply about the sound design, but some episodes here stand out. One of them is “Please Adjust Your Frequency”. All the sound effects were great, and it was absolutely hilarious when Vincent out in unnecessary sounds. However, I also liked the sound design in “As Buck Would Have It”. While I was listening I was impressed with it. Specifically the scenes with Buck and Jules running from Sherriff Stone, the sound was great. It is not very often when I listen to an episode for the first time and compliment the sound design like I did for these episodes. Therefore, I vote “As Buck Would Have It, Parts 1, 2, & 3”

Best Actor

Whit Hertford as Jay Smouse in “Please Adjust Your Frequency”
Robby Bruce as Buck Oliver in “As Buck Would Have It”
Mike Shapiro as Leonid Sepanov in “Triple-Decker Sundae”
Will Ryan as Eugene Meltsner in “As Buck Would Have It”
Andre Stojka as John Whittaker in “The Lost One”

My Vote
First off, although he hasn’t won every single time like Shona, Robby Bruce also usually steals this award for Best Actor. Like I said with Jules, he does a great job, but I believe we could use some variety. In this category, I am really torn between voting Andre Stojka, Mike Shapiro, and Will Ryan. Mike Shapiro did very well in his performance as Leonid. As I said before, I think the scene with Olivia and Whit in “The Lost One” was amazing and that Andre did an excellent job in his performance. That’s one of the reasons I voted for it. However, as I remember Will Ryan, I also recall that he has never won an Avery Award. And I think his performance in this episode was well-done. Also considering that this will be the last time he will ever be an option, I vote Will Ryan as Eugene Meltsner in “As Buck Would Have It”.

Best Script

All episodes nominated.

My Vote
I’ve never quite understood what this category is for. I assume “best script” is for voting which script had the best writing as in the plot and story. These albums brought us some great options. One that stood out to me is “Please Adjust Your Frequency”. I thought it was well-written, both the entire episode script and the scripts that Jay, Buddy and Zoe practice inside the script. I thought that was very impressive. I shall therefore vote “Please Adjust Your Frequency”.

Best Scene

Olivia confronts Zoe for sharing her secret in “Triple-Decker Sundae”
Eugene and Katrina rescue Buck and Jules in “As Buck Would Have It”
The team breaks into the principal’s office in “The Team”
Whit finds out the reason for Olivia’s doubts in “The Lost One”
Jules and Bridget have dinner with Connie and Kristen in “Judge Me Tender”

My Vote
Interesting options here. I thought the scene in “The Team” was very intense, I liked the way it was done. However, due to my many other problems overall with the episode, I will not be voting for that. I didn’t find the scene with the dinner in “Judge Me Tender” particularly notable, nor the nominated scene of “Triple-Decker Sundae”. The scene with Eugene and Katrina rescuing Buck in “As Buck Would Have It” was great; I did like that one. But there’s one scene here which tops this, along with all the other nominations. I’ll be voting for the one I’ve mentioned already: Whit finds out the reason for Olivia’s doubts in “The Lost One”. Very moving scene.

Best Overall Episode

All episodes nominated.

My Vote
Undoubtedly “The Lost One, Parts 1 & 2”. What can I say? This episode was well-written, well-acted, great unique saga and development for the character of Olivia, and an overall excellent lesson. I really liked everything about this episode. I need to write an extensive review about it.

Well, that’s all the categories. Do you agree with my votes? What did you vote for in the Avery Awards this year? Is there particular nomination you’re hoping will win? Feel free to leave a comment!

-Signed, Polehaus53