Greetings and salutations. A few news items have come up. The Town of Odyssey Messages Boards recently hosted a live chat with Nathan Hoobler in which the fans asked him questions about Odyssey and upcoming episodes, so some of the information in this post is from that. In the chat, he discusses some of his history with Odyssey, the updated Adventures in Odyssey Club, Odyssey characters, and more! Be sure to read the transcript of the conversation, it was a very fun event!

Album 73 AIO Club Release Date and Minor Detail

The date for when Album 73: 28 Hours releases in the Adventures in Odyssey Club has been revealed! In the comments section of the latest Name That Episode post in the Adventures in Odyssey Club, Bob Smithouser made the following statement:

Be sure to listen for the first episode of Album 73 in the Club next Thursday, July 14. I think you guys are really going to like this six-parter!

Bob Smithouser

We’ve finally got a release date! July 14th! You can be sure that I will be counting down the days.

Also, we have a minor detail about this album which was mentioned in the Webquest section of the latest Club-exclusive episode, “Fishing for Gold”.

Were you surprised to learn that Detective Polehaus is Molly’s grandfather? Did you know he’s dating again? We’ll hear more about that when Album 73 debuts in the Club later this month—a cloak-and-dagger saga spanning 28 Hours.

AIO Club

Interesting detail to reveal. Detective Polehaus dating will be a part of Album 73? I’m not sure how I feel about this. But overall, I’m really looking forward to this album!

Album 74 and Renee Carter

During the live chat with Nathan Hoobler, one of the questions he was asked was about Album 74. Here’s everything he said about this album:

We hope to have a final title for Album 74 next week. We do have all the episodes recorded (as of last Thursday)! No announcement on the title – maybe we should do that on the podcast before it leaks out through other sources.


Interesting. So, it looks like Album 74 was just recently recorded, but no title yet. Or at least no officially announced title, since I’m pretty sure they’ve come up with one by now. I like how he mentioned it might leak out through other sources. I’m pretty sure he was indirectly referring to the summary for Album 73: 28 Hours released on Amazon before it was removed.

Since they announced on the latest Q&A Podcast that Renee Carter will be making appearances in mainstream albums, a few questions were asked about her and her episodes. When asked about the upcoming episode, “Renee Renewed“, his replies were,

Renee Renewed will be part of Album 74. Renee will appear in other episodes in the regular albums. The first episode – Renee Renewed – is designed to get people up to speed on her story.


So, here’s all the information we’ve now got about Album 74:

  1. There’s no announced title yet.
  2. One episode that will be in it is “Renee Renewed“, which will bring non-Club members up to speed on her story.
  3. Another episode that will be in it “Value in the Process“, which will be the next Rydell Saga episode and will feature Morrie, Suzu interacting together as a family.

Not very much information, but I’m sure we’ll get more in the coming days. Although Album 73 has not even started releasing, I’m already anticipating Album 74!

More Upcoming Episodes

A few episode titles have also been announced from different sources which I’ll be going through.

First off, thanks to Odyssey & Abroad‘s Twitter page, we have the title of an upcoming episode which was announced in this post:

The post on Odyssey & Abroad’s Twitter page

Another post makes the following statement about another upcoming episode:

The post on Odyssey & Abroad’s Twitter page

Alright, so, two episodes announced here. One, “Knox on Sacrifice”, which will feature Will Ryan in his last episode as another character. And two, a Civil War episode which brings back an old character releasing in February 2023. A Club-exclusive episode, I assume, in Season 10. I wonder who this returning character is.

During the live chat with Nathan Hoobler, towards the end, Nathan made the following statement:

I’m working on notes on a script currently titled “Girls’ Night.” We’ll be recording next month – though the title may change.


So, “Girls’ Night” is the tentative title. This title reminds of the episode “Slumber Party” for some reason. I look forward to hearing it whenever it will be released.

In the WebQuest section for “Fishing for Gold”, the following statement was also made regarding an upcoming episode.

We’ll hear more from Detective Polehaus in Album 73, and the entire cast of “Fishing for Gold” will be back in a 2023 Club adventure being recorded later this month. Stay tuned!

AIO Club

So, it looks like we will be hearing from Molly and everyone else again. Although I didn’t enjoy “Fishing for Gold” as much as I thought, I am interested in the characters, so I’m looking forward to learning more about this upcoming episode.

But wait, there’s still more! Also, according to AIOWiki, we’ve got the titles of two other upcoming episodes which have no confirmed albums. “The Jacob’s Report” and “The Honor of Obed Edom”. We have no plot information whatsoever about these episodes, but I am very curious and have a few thoughts which I hope to publish in another post.

Official Comic Strip!

An official Adventures in Odyssey comic strip had begun releasing!

Elsewhere in Odyssey is a Club-exclusive comic strip featuring all-new stories about your favorite characters. What are they up to that we don’t hear about in the audio dramas? A free strip is released the first Monday of every month, while Club Members get to enjoy exclusive new strips every single week!

AIO Facebook Page

On the latest episode of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast, the creators, Evan David and Brian Dawson, are interviewed and they talk about this comic and what it will be about. Be sure to give it a listen. ASmouseInTheHouse has also given her thoughts on it, so be sure to check out that post about it. And be sure to visit the AIO Facebook Page to see the free comics that will be released every month.

Updated AIO Club

There is now a confirmed release date for the updated Adventures in Odyssey Club!

Remember: the new Adventures in Odyssey experience goes live on July 18th, 2022. We’ll see you soon at the NEW Adventures in Odyssey Club experience, where the next great adventure awaits!

AIO Club

Additional updates have also been announced, so be sure to check it out. I’m really looking forward to seeing these upcoming updates!

Along with the Club being updated, the official site, will also be updated. One of the changes that will be made is that visitors will no longer be able to post comments on the site. Be sure to read the announcement on the official site.

Whew, this was quite a bit of news. I am really looking forward to all these upcoming albums, episodes, and updates!

What do you think about all this? Any theories on the upcoming episodes and albums and Club updates? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment! Also, keep an eye out for more posts. We’ve got some interesting things in store for you.

-Signed, Polehaus53