As everyone’s probably heard by now, Adventures in Odyssey now has a comic strip that will be releasing weekly on the AIO Club and monthly on the AIO Facebook page. I’m here to write my opinions on the pictures we have seen.

Okay! The first reveal of the AIO Comic!

When I first saw it, I liked it a lot! I might even say that I like some aspects of it better than their current art. I really like Whit, Olivia, Wooton, Jason, and Edwin! Maybe I am particularly happy with Edwin because I have been listening to a lot of his episodes recently. It just seems to fit him really well.

After I took a closer look at this image, I found some things to nitpick about. Allow me to explain.

I’m still wondering who exactly this is. I think it’s either Katrina or Zoe. I tried looking both characters up on AIOWiki: Katrina has a pink vest sweater thingy like this picture, but is wearing blue jeans. Zoe is wearing a darker purple vest, but has a skirt almost the same color as the comic picture. The problem is, we can’t tell if this person is wearing a skirt or pants. And even if we could see what she was wearing, would that answer the question?

I…have no idea what to conclude. I personally think she looks too young for Katrina, so I’m leaning towards Zoe.

I seriously thought this was Barrett Jones when I first saw it. As for Buck, well, um…it’s okay? The large, rounded eyes are bothering me because they make him look younger than he is, which is why I mistook him for Barrett. Otherwise, I like it.

I’m a bit shocked at this one. Is this Jules? Something looks wrong. Like Buck, something about her is making her look super young. The eyes? And hair is not something I usually notice in art, but I’m getting the impression from this picture that her hair is messy and a bit scraggly – I don’t know if that was the intent, but it does not correspond at all to her “official” art. Her hair, in my opinion, should look more like Zoe/Katrina’s. And why does her skin look yellowish compared to everyone else’s? Something about this art bothers me a lot.

Then again, it could be that the characters look one way in this image, but different in the actual strips. Take note of Wooton’s hair color in the reveal image and compare it to the image below, for example. We’ll have to see how this goes.

And now for the big comic strip. I’ll just put one panel here to analyze.

Hahaha. I really like this. The characters look like they’re supposed to, andI really appreciate that they are NOT WEARING A MAIL UNIFORM OR AN ORANGE SHIRT!!

*ahem ahem*

Yeah, I get a little tired of seeing AIO characters always wearing the same thing on our “official” cover arts. So yes, I liked the first AIO comic with Jason and Wooton!

As for the concept of an AIO comic strip itself, I do have some worries. I am glad that they will be using it to visit characters who can’t appear on the show anymore, but I am concerned that they will use it as an excuse not to bring back characters that could return on the audio series. For example, Leonard Meltsner could return on the audio series, but instead of that, they might have him return in the comic strip and leave it at that. So again, we’ll see how it goes.

What are your thoughts on the comic strip? Leave a comment!