Greetings and salutations. An unexpected news item has just come up!

In the comments section for “The Way of the Comic Book”, a Club moderator made the following statement:

Hi, friends. We hope that you enjoy this latest adventure. In part of our celebration of this 100th Club episode, we are releasing Extended Web Version of some episodes! Just go to any of the special collection albums to listen! The episodes in these albums will now feature never-before heard content, from cut lines and scenes to Chris intros. Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to sharing the updated Club with you!


This is very surprising! I immediately went to the special albums in the Club, and sure enough, found that the running time had indeed been expanded!

The episodes now have longer duration

Would you believe that “A Christmas Conundrum” is now nearly an hour long?

I listened to it, and it initially wasn’t too different. It sounded as though the AIO Team had just released cut lines into the episode: There’s additional lines about Connie being late to work, more argument between Bart and Tom, and longer dialogue by Whit about the meaning of Christmas at the end. Although it was interesting (the extended scene with Bart and Tom was my favorite part), I didn’t find it that big of a deal as the moderator made it to be. But then things got interesting right after the final scene with Eugene and Grady. After the final line, “Merry Christmas”, the scene continues! Grady runs into Tom after breaking the stereo. I don’t have time to give my thoughts in detail, but this now explains that weird comment in The Official Guide about the cut scene in this episode:

A short subplot about Tom’s five-legged dog, Cheddar, was cut from “A Christmas Conundrum.” Don’t ask.

The Official Guide, page 460

Well, the fans now may ask, since it has been released! The story Tom tells about Cheddar consoles Grady and is very touching. Although it is a very poignant scene, I can see why it was unnecessary; it seems a bit odd. However, I am glad that it has been released. Any content with Walker Edminson is great and his performance was very well-done.

After many decades of cut stuff sitting in the AIO Team’s archives, they are finally being released! This is absolutely unbelievable! Words cannot describe how crazy I’m going.

I then went on to listen to “You Gotta Be Wise” and was quite surprised.

I am currently listening to “You Gotta Be Wise”

I was very surprsied that they included more of The Bones of Rath’s songs. I will definitely be listening to the rest of these extended episodes in the compilation albums. Someone had better update the AIOWiki page.

Well, that’s all the news for now. What are your thoughts on the extended episodes?

-Signed, Polehaus53