Greeting and salutations. We’ve got a few news items regarding the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

March’s Club Episode
We now know what March 2022’s Club-exclusive episode will be. In the comments section on the Adventures in Odyssey Club, Bob Smithouser wrote the following in response to a question about Eugene:

We recorded Will Ryan in “As Buck Would Have It” (his final episodes as Eugene Meltsner) back in April. Sadly, Will passed away in November. But this isn’t the last time we’ll get to hear Will. In addition to these three shows, he plays a character in the next Drake the Cosmic Copper club episode, coming in March.

Bob Smithouser

According to AIOWiki, the next Drake the Cosmic Copper episode will be called “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton” and will feature Townsend Coleman playing Jason Whittaker and Woots along with Jess Harnell playing Wooton Bassett and Drake. We can now add that Will Ryan will be voicing a character and that this episode will be released in the Adventures in Odyssey Club in March 2022.

Club Official Summary
We also have the official summary for Season Nine of the Adventures in Odyssey Club, released on

Club Season Nine
In Season 9, celebrate our 100th Adventure with Wooton, Jay and Buddy. We’ll also learn what God is doing through ministries such as Global Health Outreach and Healing Hands International. Want to travel? Pack your bags for Mexico, 19th century England, the Dominican Republic, ancient Israel and … outer space! There’s not a snowflake in sight.

Official Site

It looks like we have a few hints of what will happen in upcoming Club episodes this year. I’m going to guess the “ancient Israel” episode will be a Bible story; maybe the Old Testament story that Dave Arnold mentioned he was writing in Official Podcast 384.
Anyway, based on the summary, this season of the Club sounds interesting.

AIO Club Update
It was announced last year that the Adventures in Odyssey Club website and app will be undergoing some major updates this year. However, no official word has been given on when it will happen.

From the Official Site

That is, until now. In the “Color and Pray” section in the Web Quest for January’s Club-exclusive episode, “A Dickensian Dilemma” a word was given regarding the coloring pages. Along with a date range for the launch of the updated Club.

Throughout Season 8 we featured coloring pages like this one, including items to locate and areas of the world to pray for. Believe it or not, at the end of 2021 we still weren’t finished. You’ll find nine new countries below. It looks like we’ll be wrapping up our extended Season of Prayer next month . . . just in time for the launch of your new-and-improved Club!

AIO Club

From this message, it looks as though the AIO Club will be updated sometime in February. I am very interested in what the updates will consist of.

Well, that’s all the news for now. Oh, and Happy New Year to all who are reading this! I look forward to seeing what this year holds. May it go well for us all.

-Signed, Polehaus53