Well, a lot of interesting things have been happening lately with Album 72: The Long Road Home being unexpectedly fully released early on Amazon and iTunes for digital download before it was released on the Club (this seems like a run-on sentence). It appears as though this was indeed a mistake. Album 72 is now gone from Amazon and iTunes. Congratulations to you all who were able to purchase and listen to the album before it was removed.

Then, an unexpected announcement was made. Yesterday, in the bonus section of the Adventures in Odyssey Club, the following message appeared:

A Late Christmas Gift

Just when you thought every present had been opened, it’s fun to find one last wrapped gift hiding under the tree . . . with your name on it. We hope that’s how you’re feeling right now. 

We’ve changed our plans. Instead of waiting until late January to share the rest of Album 72, The Long Road Home, we’re ushering in 2022 in style by letting Club members enjoy a new episode every day between now and January 1:

Tuesday, Dec. 28 – “Judge Me Tender”

Wednesday, Dec. 29 – “As Buck Would Have It, Part 1”

Thursday, Dec. 30 – “As Buck Would Have It, Part 2”

Friday, Dec. 31 – “As Buck Would Have It, Part 3”

Just visit the album library each day for your latest “late Christmas gift”. Since “As Buck Would Have It” is a mystery, we simply ask that you avoid discussing big spoilers for a few days on the message boards. That way everyone can enjoy those surprises the way the episodes’ creators intended.

AIO Club

All the rest of Album 72 releasing early?! This is very surprising news! It says in the post “We’ve changed our plans.” I wonder why that is. I’m guessing it probably has something to do with the accidental release of the album on Amazon and iTunes. “Judge Me Tender” and part 1 of “As Buck Would Have It” are currently available to hear on the Club, so be sure to check them out.

The photo which appeared in the post

The post goes on to talk about next month’s Club-exclusive episode.

A New Club Adventure, Too!

Then, on January 1, get ready to tear open the new, exclusive Club Adventure, “A Dickensian Dilemma.” You’ll hear a brand-new Imagination Station mystery featuring Emily Jones and Renee Carter. And wait ’til you see the video featuring Boblock Smolmes on a case of his own. 

Once again, thanks for being a Club member and supporting everything God is doing through the ministry of Adventures in Odyssey. It’s going to be an exciting new year!

AIO Club

Looks like “A Dickensian Dilemma”, as I predicted a while ago, will indeed be January’s Club episode. Emily Jones and Renee Carter in an Imagination Station adventure about Charles Dickens sounds like fun. The post informs us that it’s going to be an exciting year. We know that the AIO Club website and app will be undergoing some major updates in 2022, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

Like I said, very interesting stuff! We do not yet know when Album 72: The Long Road Home will be airing on the radio, but I’m guessing sometime in the spring of 2022.

Be sure to sign up for the Club at www.aioclub.org. Or sign up for a 14-day free trial and listen to all the Club-exclusive episodes and Album 72 at www.aioclub.org/freetrial.

-Signed, Polehaus53