Hello devoted readers…it’s been a while! I haven’t posted in ages due to the insanity of life (hopefully that will change soon), but I wanted to share something that might be of great value to many of the fans who have been itching to hear Album 72. This album has been highly anticipated due to the storylines, mainly due to the conclusion of Olivia’s story in “The Lost One, Parts 1-2” and the continued exploration of Buck’s past in “As Buck Would Have it, Parts 1-3.” What if I told you that you could hear the entirety of album 72 as of right now? Likely as a result of an accident, album 72 is available for digital purchase on Amazon. It has also been reported and confirmed by multiple fans that it is available to hear on Apple Music, but as I have no knowledge of Apple Music, I will be focusing on the availability of it on Amazon. Polehaus53 posted a different version of this post here where he reported on the Amazon listings, but it’s important to note that in addition to being able to hear thirty-second previews of the episodes, they are available to be bought in full but one would be unable to hear the episodes without following a few specific steps. This is an extension of his post and the details of how to bypass all the error messages.

To hear the episodes, purchase either the individual episodes or the entire album on Amazon. Buying any of the six episodes and the bonus track individually are 99c each or $8.99 for the entire album. After buying them, download the Amazon Music app. Trying to play the episodes from the app will probably give you a “track unavailable” notice or another message along those lines. Don’t panic! Downloading the episodes on the Amazon Music app restores your ability to play them (as of 12/28 in the wee hours of the morning).

Here’s the link to buy any or all of the episodes on album 72: https://www.amazon.com/72-Long-Road-Home/dp/B09NXQJG14/

I hope this brief post was helpful and not old news! I wanted to share how I was able to hear the episodes even after receiving error messages. Maybe you already bought them but were unable to play them easily. Downloading to hear them offline is a wondrous feature that allows you to hear them regardless of supposed “track unavailable” messages. I will be writing an actual “real” post whenever I get the time.

DISCLAIMER: There should be no legal ramifications to purchasing these tracks on Amazon, regardless of whether or not the publishing of them was accidental. If a reader is to purchase the tracks and is unable to play them even after using all my suggested methods, I send my formal apologies if it ultimately is a waste of a few dollars but I will not compensate you for the loss. And if Focus on the Family or any crew of Adventures in Odyssey are upset with this shared information, I will remove this post peacefully. And if any of this information becomes irrelevant, I will retitle the post with a disclaimer or delete it entirely. This disclaimer may feel excessive, but I just want to cover my bases. Thank you for your patience.