We’ve got some news. But first off, major spoiler warning! If you have not listened to all the episodes in Album 71: A Slippery Slope, please do not read this post. Seriously, please don’t. You’re going to get majorly spoiled.

Okay, you’ve been warned.

Thanks to what seems to be a glitch on the Adventures in Odyssey Club, the entirety Album 72: The Long Road Home, has appeared in the ‘albums’ section. However, you can’t listen to the episodes. Clicking on each episode to hear it brings up an error message. However, it is not a complete loss. The official summary (different from the one on Amazon), episode summaries, and the title of the 3-part Buck and Jules episode have all been revealed!

Here is the updated summary:

Just as Buck Oliver is finally settling into a comfortable life in Odyssey, an out-of-the-blue message arrives that may lead him far from home. Buck’s father left behind more of a history than anyone suspected. Could a map from the past determine Buck’s future? On another life-changing journey, Olivia has a new imaginary friend – a philosopher named Leonid – who is smart, interesting, and so talkative. Olivia is now doubting everything and everyone. Will her relationships with the folks at Whit’s End be broken? Will Leonid’s deception convince Olivia to abandon her faith once and for all? Futures hang in the balance as friendships and families face incredible challenges in Adventures in Odyssey Album 72: The Long Road Home. 

AIO Club

Looks interesting. Now, here are the summaries for each episode.

The Lost One, Part 1 of 2
After she learns that Zoe left her out of a special part in an upcoming play, Olivia must decide if she’ll help her friend get a prestigious job on the school newspaper.

The Lost One, Part 2 of 2
Olivia’s battles with doubts reach a climax as her family, friends, and even a Russian philosopher fight for her heart and soul.

Judge Me Tender
After realizing that her younger brother knows more people than she does, Bridget Perkins tries to forms an unlikely friendship with Jules Kendall.

As Buck Would Have It, Part 1 of 3
Buck Oliver receives an anonymous message that leads him back to his hometown of Harlanville – and the forgotten story of his father’s death.

As Buck Would Have It, Part 2 of 3
Buck and Jules learn more of Buck’s family history from a long-lost relative while Eugene and Katrina consider Buck’s future in their family.

Buck Would Have It, Part 3 of 3
Buck’s place in Odyssey and with the Meltsners is put to the test through unlikely friends and foes.

I must say, with these summaries released, I am even more excited for this album! I’m especially interested in “As Buck Would Have It, Part 3 of 3” and “Judge Me Tender”. Album 72 isn’t supposed to debut on the Club until December 16, which is 29 days away. I shall be waiting impatiently until then.

Well, that’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll make a post about my hopes and predictions for Album 72. Stay tuned, and we’ll be posting more as soon as we have the time.

-Signed, Polehaus53