Greetings and salutations. A few news items have come up which I will be reporting here.

AIO Club Exclusive Episode
We now know the title of next month’s Club episode! “Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss‎‎” will be the third episode in the snow series. The artwork and a summary was revealed early on the official AIO Facebook Page.

Here’s the summary:

This month, we join Wooton and his young friends on their way to a leadership retreat. Who’ll take charge when their bus slides off the road? Find out when “Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss” premieres Nov. 1, only at

AIO Facebook Page

And here is the artwork.

“Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss‎‎” artwork

Looks like we’ve got Wooton Bassett, Olivia Parker, Zoe Grant, Wyatt Perkins, and Jay Smouse in this episode, all stuck on the bus together. I am really looking forward to hearing this episode! It will be released on Monday, November 1.

Album 72
I mentioned in my last news post that the Adventures in Odyssey Club made the startling announcement that the first two episodes of Album 72 will be released early in the Club. Both episodes were released on October 26 and October 27, 2021.

Well, you may be surprised to know that AIOWiki has also just made the surprising announcement that these two episodes will also be airing on the radio early, right after the last episode of Album 71. These episodes are “The Lost One, Parts 1-2”. According to AIOWiki, the first episode will air on the radio and online on November 27, with part 2 airing on December 4. I don’t want to give out any more details due to spoilers. But you can be sure that we’ll be covering them as soon as they air on the radio.

Well, this was a fairly short post, but that’s all the news for now. I’ll be posting more as soon as I have time.

-Signed, Polehaus53