I don’t know how many of you guys play Minecraft, but here’s a post I thought of after looking at some of the animals in my worlds. By the way, I’m terrible at Survival and mostly play in Creative to goof around with animals, mostly the horses. So this is just a post containing AIO nods from my Minecraft worlds. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a builder and this post mostly consists of animals named after AIO characters because I don’t really build that much. Maybe in the future I’ll build some more places from Odyssey.

But for now, enjoy!

“You have a cat named Cat…”
I’ve always imagined Fluffyface as a white cat.
This name actually went two ways. Buck as in AIO, and Buck as in “the horse bucked me off a thousand times”
I have a family of foxes in this world all named after characters in the Blackgaard Saga. Sorry these are so dark. I’m too lazy to go back in and take them again.
There used to be a “Maxwell” fox, but he died after jumping off a mountain to get a chicken.
Personally, I find the horses in the new graphics/texture of Minecraft pretty ugly.
This was supposed to be Wonderworld…
From “Further From the Truth” 😆

So, how about you guys? Ever done anything AIO-related in Minecraft? I’d be happy to add it to this post!