Greetings. A few more news items have popped up which I will be going though in this post.

Megapack 2
First off, the episode list for the second Megapack album has been revealed!

Here are all 75 episodes which will be in this album:

  1. Promises, Promises
  2. Family Vacation, Part 1
  3. Family Vacation, Part 2
  4. Let This Mind Be in You
  5. An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper
  6. Good Business
  7. Heatwave
  8. That’s Not Fair
  9. By Any Other Name
  10. Isaac the Courageous
  11. Curious, Isn’t It?
  12. Wishful Thinking
  13. Bernard and Joseph, Part 1
  14. Bernard and Joseph, Part 2
  15. The Second Coming
  16. By Dawn’s Early Light
  17. The Curse
  18. A License to Drive
  19. Harlow Doyle, Private Eye
  20. Best Intentions
  21. A Class Act
  22. Into Temptation
  23. My Fair Bernard
  24. Terror from the Skies
  25. The Boy Who Cried ‘Destructo!’
  26. Naturally, I Assumed…
  27. It Happened At Four Corners
  28. The Election Deception
  29. The Twilife Zone
  30. Hidden in My Heart
  31. The Perfect Witness, Part 1
  32. The Perfect Witness, Part 2
  33. The Perfect Witness, Part 3
  34. B-TV: Compassion
  35. Blind Justice
  36. The Painitng
  37. Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1
  38. Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 2
  39. Amazing Grace
  40. No Bones About It
  41. Gloobers
  42. The Tower
  43. The Pact, Part 1
  44. The Pact, Part 2
  45. Bassett Hounds
  46. The Mystery At Tin Flat
  47. Called On in Class
  48. A Lamb’s Tale
  49. No Way Out
  50. No Way In
  51. The Sunday Morning Scramble
  52. Two Friends and a Truck
  53. Odyssey Sings!
  54. A Christmas Conundrum
  55. Switch
  56. Buddy Guard
  57. A Thankstaking Story
  58. A Class Reenactment
  59. The Malted Milkball Falcon
  60. Wooton Knows Best
  61. The Amazing Loser
  62. The Case of the Ball Cap Hero
  63. No Friend Like An Old Friend
  64. The Grass Is Always Greener
  65. Find A Penny, Part 1
  66. Find A Penny, Part 2
  67. Have A Heart
  68. The Toy
  69. Page from the Playbook
  70. Nightmares by Constance, Part 1
  71. Nightmares by Constance, Part 2
  72. Playing Favorites
  73. A Wise Surprise
  74. California Dreams, Part 1
  75. California Dreams, Part 2

The back cover of this album was released on, so that’s how we got the episode list. Here’s the back cover:

The Back Cover

It’s interesting that the pictures at the side are of episodes that aren’t even in this album. “The Rydell Revelations”, “Unrelateable”, and “Good Job!” do not even appear in this album, and neither are there any episodes from Album 71: A Slippery Slope in here . But then again, there were also illustrations for episodes that weren’t in the album on the back cover of the first Megapack as well.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the two back covers of the Megapack album side-by-side so that you can compare the episodes in each one.

The Two Back Covers

Sorry that it’s so blurry. Open the image in a new tab, and it should be clearer. But looking at the episode list of both albums, I’m having a hard time deciding which album has the better episodes in it.

Also, you may notice that the back of the new album now has a link to, rather than the former

If you haven’t already, be sure to buy the first Megapack from the Focus on the Family Store, CBD, or Amazon. Then order the second Megapack album from CBD! Oddly enough, I can’t find it on Amazon or on the Focus on the Family Store.

Album 71
Album 71: A Slippery Slope is now available to digitally download from Amazon and the Focus on the Family Store. The album will be released on CD on October 5, 2021. Be sure to pre-order the CD from the Focus on the Family store, CBD, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere else you buy your Odyssey albums!

Official Podcast
The winners of the Avery Awards have been announced on the latest episode of The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast! Be sure to listen to it!

Imagination Station Book Series
The title and summary for book 28 in the Imagination Station Book Series has been revealed on Amazon. The cover art is not available yet, but title is “Islands and Enemies”. Here’s the summary:

Over 1 Million Sold in the Series!

When kids step into the Imagination Station they travel back in time and across the world with cousins Patrick and Beth. Each book is historically accurate, and readers will grow in their faith and knowledge of history as they race through each unforgettable story.

“I find you two children guilty of witchcraft!” Captain Magellan said. “The penalty is death.”

Patrick and Beth board the Victoria in 1521 on its journey to try and sail around the world. But they make a bad first impression when they meet Captain Ferdinand Magellan. The cousins are accused of being witches and must prove their innocence. The crew members watch their every move, looking for an excuse to throw the cousins overboard.

Meanwhile, Patrick finds a friend who has a secret. Beth becomes the new scribe for the voyage, stirring up jealousy from Antonio Pigafetta, one of Magellan’s best friends. After a surprising miracle happens on the island, the crew—and the cousins—must take sides: Who thinks Magellan is unfit to lead? Who is loyal to Magellan and willing to risk their life to prove it?


Sounds interesting. It was mentioned in a recent episode of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast that the next few Imagination Station books will be focusing on explorers, which would include Magellan.

The book will be released on April 5, 2022. I’m sure that it will be available for members of the Adventures in Odyssey Club to read some time before that date. Don’t forget to pre-order the book from Amazon!

Well, that’s all for now. What are your thoughts on these latest news items? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! I’ll be making another post at some point. I’m not sure how soon I can due to time restrains, but will do my best to release it as soon as possible.

And as I’ve said, we’ve got some interesting things in store for you. Stay tuned for future updates.

-Signed, Polehaus53