Quite a bit of news has been announced recently. News about the AIO Crew, an upcoming episode title, and information about Album 72. Some of it is shocking, some of it surprising, and some of it boring. Let’s dive right in! And for those who have not heard Album 71: A Slippery Slope yet, no worries, this post will have no spoilers about the episodes in Album 71. I have ensured that everything is spoiler-free.

Jonathan Crowe
The AIO Facebook page made the surprising announcement on July 26, 2021, that sound designer Jonathan Crowe will be retiring. After nearly 24 years and 165+ episodes, he will be retiring.

This is very shocking news. Jonathan Crowe has done an incredible job doing sound design for Adventures in Odyssey. He will definitely be missed.

The announcement posted on AIO Facebook page

AIO Club
There have been a few things happening in the Club. First of all, Album 71: A Slippery Slope began releasing on July 13. The final episode, along with a bonus feature, was released on August 17. We do not have the official date for when Album 71 will air on the radio and online, but I assume that it will be October.

Second, in the latest Name That Episode post, the following message was posted:

NEWS FLASH: As summer winds down, we’re working on exciting updates to the Club that are scheduled to arrive this fall. We’d appreciate it if you would keep the Odyssey team in your prayers. We will share more details as soon as we can . . . so stay tuned!  

AIO Club

What are these updates? Updates to the Club website or app? Whatever they are, I’m sure they will be announced soon.

Third, there are some new releases that will be going on in the Club. I mentioned in an earlier post that the Last Chance Detectives are making a comeback in a new book series, which will be available on October 5. Well, the members of the Adventures in Odyssey Club will receive full access to the newest one, book 5, Terror From Outer Space, on September 14, 2021.

And finally, a new Club-exclusive Album is scheduled to release in the Adventures in Odyssey Club on September 29, 2021. The album will be titled “B-TV: The Collection” and will contain all 15 B-TV episodes.
I wonder if this will include the unreleased episode, “B-TV: Grace”. I’m hoping it will. I’m also hoping that at some point this album will be released outside of the AIO Club.

Album 72
While we do not know the title of Album 72, we do know some random details about it:

We now have a title for one of the episodes in Album 72! In the bonus feature for Album 71, it was announced that one of the episodes will be called “The Lost One”. This episode will conclude the current one-of-three-will-fall story arc.

We also know from the recent Album 70 Q&A Podcast that there will be a 3-part episode in this album featuring Buck and Jules. We also know that Jillian Marshall will not be making an appearance in Album 72, due to the actress being unable to do remote recordings.

We now have an idea of when Album 72 will begin releasing in the Adventures in Odyssey Club. On the Club, in the comments section for the latest Name That Episode post, a Club member asked about Album 72. A moderator responded that the next album, “…will be released in the Club beginning in mid-December.” Mid-December. I’m going to guess December 14, 2021.

Well, that’s all the news for now. I have additional thoughts on these news items, along with other pieces of news which I wanted to cover in this post, but was unable to do so because of time constraints. I’ll make a new post as soon as I am able.

Some of these news items came from the September Clubhouse Magazine. I’d like to give a special thanks to Riley from the AIO Hangout Discord Server for sharing this information.

Stay tuned! We’ve got some interesting things in store for you all!

-Signed, Polehaus53