I was hoping that I’d be able to do some posts about the previous two episodes, but things are very busy around here and this was the only thing I’ve had time for. My apologies. So, sit back and, um, “enjoy”, my reaction to this slightly depressing episode.

  • Ooh, a previously!
  • Oh, an email??
  • Camp What a Nut has a winter retreat? Hm.
  • Cowboy music?
  • Connie appearance!
  • Oh, no, wilderness survival stuff again!
  • Um, ok.
  • HAHAHA Marshmallows…
  • What’s Zoe up to?
  • Oh yeah, Olivia.
  • Connie doesn’t answer the question. Ha.
  • Because you did miss something.
  • Who’s she writing to???
  • So, I guess they’re still not talking?
  • Extra Juicy. Sounds like a ripoff of a real gum brand, but I can’t think of the name.
  • Buddy again! (better than Jay)
  • Olivia? What are you doing? Getting away from Zoe, no doubt.
  • Why am I finding this badger thing so funny?
  • Oh, dear…I don’t think Olivia will like this team.
  • This ain’t looking good.
  • I’m getting summer vibes from this music.
  • Connie the teacher.
  • Wow, I’m surprised at Mrs. Parker doing that.
  • Camilla, huh? LET’S HEAR THAT!
  • Ayyy, Olivia and Zoe are talking!
  • Oh! Mr. Parker!
  • Don’t say that. It won’t be normal, I can assure you.
  • *PHEW* nice timing, Connie
  • “It bit you where?!” I’m dying here.
  • Connie the speaker. *Best Laid Plans thoughts running through my head*
  • Why doesn’t Zoe want to talk…? I guess Olivia wouldn’t like it.
  • HAHA long restroom visits. Are a thing.
  • Why is Zoe pushing so hard to make things right? It isn’t up to her.
  • Man, I would not want to do this. Camping and hiking in the snow. *shudders*
  • Is Zoe ok?? Hummm…
  • Frostbite threat? Hypothermia?
  • Well, this is not what I expected. Cool!
  • Is Zoe a diabetic?
  • Must be.
  • Now Zoe might be having faith issues. Yes? No? Maybe?
  • Well.
  • Pet badgers now?
  • Pastor Knox is spreading the news. Don’t know if that’s a good thing.
  • A lot of unknown Connie stories.
  • HA! I was right about the Ezekiel thing!
  • Sit with Jay. (<edit: I literally wrote this before Zoe even mentioned the name Jay OR Buddy)
  • Ohhhhh. That’s actually pretty cool/interesting.

I was actually pretty surprised that this was an Abigail Geiger episode. Not sure what to make of that, but I think this was a great episode overall. It definitely wasn’t as light (that’s not the right word) as the previous episode. Some [more] issues were brought up in this episode, with even more subtle themes aside from doubting faith being incorporated. The one I noticed was the concept of evangelism (or in this case, re-evangelism??) with someone who would react badly to an open discussion about God/the Gospel. Their answer being: just be a friend without creating unnecessary tension/discord between yourselves. Definitely a tricky method, but one that is unfortunately needed a lot nowadays.

I’ve heard Set a Watchman three times now, and I gotta say that I appreciate all the different elements of faith and friendship. Now I’m wondering if this Olivia thing will get resolved in the one last episode.

Well, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

(brace yourselves for another initial reaction)