I’ll be trying out a new format for episode ‘reviews’. It’s sort of like an initial reaction plus a commentary. Nothing super in-depth here, just my first thoughts as I was hearing “The Team”. I don’t know how well this is going to work, so bear with me!

(and my weird scene titles)

Scene 1: Blackmail

I thought this episode had a pretty cool, attention-grabbing start. A creepy-sounding blackmailer, an alley, a secret to be revealed?

Also, nice to hear from Cooper again.

Polehaus and I were sorta guessing that the blackmailer might be Valerie because the disguised voice sounded odd. I thought I wouldn’t put it past her to use phrases like, “…a nice Christian young man like yourself…”

Scene 2: The “MS” Team

Now, the part we’ve all been waiting for…

Ha! Emily walked off!

So, after all that she said to Morrie and Suzu in LCTWTO, they are still pursing friendship with Emily? I don’t know whether to call that commendable or just plain crazy.

Emily is serious about how she feels about the Rydells. And yet they keep pushing it. Wouldn’t they realize that pushing it won’t improve Emily’s opinion of them? Why are they so desperate to get her to be their friend? I’m not sure what to think about the Rydells and their motivations at this point.

But anyway, I don’t blame Emily for refusing to join. I wouldn’t partner up with someone who locked me in an escape room, either.

Scene 3: Red-Handed

It’s interesting that Emily was so quick to recommend the Rydells.

Another interesting point is that Emily doesn’t suggest that Cooper get in contact with some sort of authority, such as the principal, his parents, or the coaches. I’m sure they would have helped him. (though Coop would be in trouble.)

But of course, the kids must solve the problem on their own, for the sake of Cooper’s bad decision.

Scene 4: Examination

I don’t know why, but I found Cooper’s line, “You’re all friends with my brother…” pretty funny. Don’t underestimate your little brother’s friends, Cooper.

But seriously though. Morrie configures the GPS to show false locations in, like, 5 seconds. That kid is dangerous.

At least Emily takes a stand against some sort of wrong. I don’t know if that should be consoling, since they still could TELL SOMEONE WHAT’S GOING ON! (butIguessiftheydidtherewouldn’tbemuchofanepisode)

“We do it in a way that’s legal.”

Is messing around with a principal’s computer on a fake wall thing while he’s distracted by a Gargantuan, um…. legal? In broad terms, perhaps.

Scene 5: Action

I did really enjoy this scene.

The hilarity of Suzu’s distraction (“Can you turn down Suzu and the principal in my earbud?”), the suspense of the weird blackmailer not being able to get on, the principal coming back, Emily stalling by saying something about being student body president… it’s classic!

Nothing much to note about this scene.

Scene 6: Triumph?

Whoop, everything went off without a hitch on their end.

I really don’t know what they’re so happy about. All they did was trick the blackmailer into thinking he got what he wanted. So won’t he just keep bothering Cooper?

But Morrie answers that problem by saying he has tracked the dude.

Oh, and is ‘curiouser’ a word?

Scene 7: Unexpected Traitor

Sooo….kids hang out in abandoned shopping centers with full computer systems up and running.

Seymore…who?! I didn’t really catch his last name.

I wonder who his computer-geeky friend is.

But I’m glad there’s a new bully-type in Odyssey.

Or wait. Not sure what to call this kid. Not really a true bully…just someone who sees an opportunity and takes it?

Aaaand the team’s goal of bringing the blackmailer to justice is ruined.

Nice AREM shutdown sound, though.

Scene 8: The CEMS Team

And now, Emily steps up for truth. Glad that Cooper agreed to make an effort.

I was actually pretty surprised when Morrie invited Cooper to join the team. For some reason, I was thinking it was a Morrie-and-Suzu-replace-Matthew-and-no-one-else sorta thing.

Their team is starting to sound like a kid’s police or FBI or something.

But Emily still doesn’t want to be a part of it.

Scene 9: Let it Go?

YAAaAAhhh! Simon Jones is back!

So, what is Emily’s concern? That Morrie and Suzu aren’t her friends, or that they don’t need her on their team?

Yeaaaaah, go tell the principal.

Emily is starting to rebuild her relationship with the Rydells? Simon is encouraging it? I mean, I guess that’s better than getting stuck in a rut of mistrust.

Let me tell ya, I’m really looking forward to an episode that shows how Morrie and Suzu are doing in their new home with Whit.

But mostly, looking forward to what Emily said to Whit.


After listening a few times, I’ve concluded….

I don’t really know what to think about this episode in relation to the Rydell saga. I guess it’s a good thing that Emily is starting to learn to get along with them again. But I do really wish that we could hear an episode that shows how the Rydells are doing away from Emily, with Whit.

But as for this episode, I generally enjoyed it. Not sure what to rate it yet, but be sure that it’s going to be on the positive end.