Hello, everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written a post. I have been extremely busy the past two months.

But anyway, Album 71 is soon to be released on the Club! So I thought I’d write a short post discussing each episode and what I think will happen in them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much info to go on.

The Team:

We already know that this episode is going to pick up where Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off left off. Hopefully, in the very scene where Morrie and Suzu ask Emily to join their team. Maybe we’ll finally get that “Last time, on Adventures in Odyssey…”

*AIO intro finishes*

Emily: NO!

imaginary start to “The Team”

It’s probably safe to say that she will refuse or storm off or something. But I have a feeling that in the episode, something will happen so that Emily and the Rydells get thrown together.

(the theme of this episode is teamwork)

Then, the forced team shows Emily that the Rydells have some sort of a good side. And then, Emily might begin to trust them (just sayin’, probably a bad idea) and possibly join the team.

My question is, what is this team supposed to be? A mystery-solving team? It seems really sad that Matthew broke up the previous team only for Morrie and Suzu to step in with their own.

Well, we don’t have long to wait to find out.

Please Adjust Your Frequency:

I’m going to take a random guess and say that this is a Perkins episode. All we know is the theme, which is pride. Interesting. Perhaps it’s about Wyatt going crazy with his new-found superpower. I have no idea.

Higher Than Our Ways:

According to AIO Wiki, this episode answers the “one of three will fall” statement from Christmas Bells.

This episode is depicted album cover art.

One falling from a height, Higher Than Our Ways? I don’t know if I would consider that funny, because the theme is grief.

Perhaps Emily is having a hard time with the Rydells, then goes on a school trip or vacation or whatever with her history project team. And then, well, she falls. As a result, she questions why so many bad things are happening to her, despite her trying to do the right thing.

I am quite excited for this episode, if that sounds so horrible.

Set a Watchman:

Pardon me whilst I repeat what I said on the Soda Shop:

I will take a wild guess about the title. In the Bible, in Ezekiel 33, the first paragraph talks about the watchman. In short, it says that the watchman warns people of danger. If someone doesn’t listen to the warning, it’s their fault if they suffer. If the watchman sees danger and does not warn the people, then he is at fault for whatever happens. So maybe the plot has to do with this.

The theme is friendship.

I am going to hope that this story has to do with Buck and Jules. Their friendship has been…interesting….in the past few albums, as I’ve mentioned before. Perhaps their unusual relationship will be discussed in this episode.

On the other hand, this could be about Emily and Matthew, which I would be all for! It would be quite nice if we could see how their friendship has been doing since everything that has happened.

Though I’m not sure, since the Parkers are being phased out of the show.

Worth It:

We know that this episode is a Biblical story, about Jesus healing the man born blind.

I hope this is an Imagination Station adventure! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a mainstream IS story.

The theme is ‘God’s Way’.

As for who experiences/hears this story, I’m at a loss. It could be Emily, as she tries to (as the summary puts it) find her faith again. Maybe she does find it here.

No doubt, we’ve got a lot of unknowns for the upcoming album, but nevertheless, I’m excited to hear it! Hopefully, I’ll be posting some initial reactions and/or reviews of these episodes!