Hello, all. It’s been a while. Let’s just say that things are crazy. Anyway, I’m being lazy again and not actually writing a post, but creating another compilation! (I do have a….unique… draft in the workings, though)


I really enjoy seeing fan art by the talented artists of the AIO community. It might be safe to say that it’s easier to write than draw, so good fan art is in short supply. I personally love seeing art that isn’t a copy of existing AIO artwork, and of unillustrated characters.

Well, here are some of our favorites from the fanbase!

First, a raid from Welcome To Odyssey’s fanart page.

Woodburned AIO logo by John Tuttle
A scene from “The Other Side of the Glass” by Marni
By Kungfunaomi
Whit by Marisa

The next two are ones I found on Odyssey Scoop that I thought were quite interesting. The reason being that they were drawn at a time when neither of these characters had been illustrated. “Camacho” had interesting pictures of what these two could have looked like.

Camacho’s Richard Maxwell
Camacho’s Wooton Bassett

Next up, we have Soda Shop and Town of Odyssey user TigerShadow! Unfortunately, most of her drawings were uploaded to these boards with TinyPic, which is no longer functional. So I was only able to find a few. But her drawings are amazing.

Another unillustrated character!

TigerShadow’s Kelly Washington

Samantha14, Soda Shop and Town of Odyssey member, made the following picture with some skillful photo editing.

Samantha14’s picture

The original photo is credited to Smithsonian Institution Archives, and its quote says “William Truettner, Curator of 18th and 19th Century Painting and Sculpture at the National Museum of American Art (NMAA), now known as the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM), and President Ronald Reagan viewing the exhibition, ‘George Catlin: The Artist and the American Indian.'”

And Reagan is one of my top favorite presidents, so this just fit.

Hope you like it.


And then, by looking through the Odyssey Moments Facebook page, I discovered several other drawings by various people.

Ashley Malone’s depiction of Connie and Eugene in “The Champ of the Camp”
Connie Kendall, by streams.of.water
A scene from “Broken-Armed and Dangerous” by graceandfaith9

Anyone else have fanart? I’ll be adding to this post!