I got the idea to make this post after browsing through The Soda Shop and finding Pound Foolish’s list of his top five overrated characters. I noticed that they mostly dealt with the pre-relaunch set. That had me thinking about what that list might look like today.

After reading this post, you will witness me running away from a crowd of angry people who are waving pitchforks.

But after writing this, I realized that the word ‘overrated’ sorta carries a negative connotation, though I like all the characters I listed. So, I don’t even know if ‘overrated’ is the right word for these. Maybe they should be called ‘most popular’, but oh well….

We’re going from number 5, somewhat overrated, to number 1, the most overrated.

5. Jay Smouse

Take a look around any AIO message forum, or even social media about AIO, and you will see people who say that they really like Jay. At least from what I’ve seen, most Jay-fans say that they like him because he is funny. Quite true. Jay is getting so much popularity from his weird humor. But recently the AIO team has used Jay as a sub bully in the absence of Vance and Dion, and just as the local comic relief rather than an entire character. Personally, I miss Jay episodes that showed that there was more to him.

So, overrated? For what we hear nowadays, I’d say yes.

4. The Perkins Family

*puts up nuclear weapon shield*

Overall, the fanbase does not agree in opinions about the newest addition to Odyssey. Some people absolutely love the Perkins, while others are more in the “ehh” school of thought. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve been spending so much time on the Soda Shop, but they are rated highly for good reasons. They are a unique, relatable family which isn’t perfect. Whether or not one decides to like the family comes down to a matter of opinion: how annoying or interesting does one find Wyatt’s made-up facts or Bridget’s constant battles?

So, overrated? I guess? I don’t know. That’s hard to say. We’ll see where time takes them.

3. Jules Kendall

Since her permanent arrival in Album 62, Jules has experienced much popularity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an online AIO fan who outright dislikes Jules. It is pretty cool to have a teenage character that appeals to the older AIO listeners. She has been quite busy since her return to Odyssey, whether she be getting into trouble or working on her singing career. Her songs are definitely a contributing factor in her popularity.

Not to mention her relationship with a certain character which we’ll get to in a sec.

So, overrated? I’m going to give Jules a cautious ‘yes’.

2. Buck Oliver

Like Jules, Buck has enjoyed huge success in the fanbase. Check any AIO message board, blog, or anywhere else people talk about AIO and you will find a shockingly high number of topics on him.

Buck’s character has incorporated mystery and likeability. His new life in Odyssey has resulted in many lessons for himself and for others. Like with Jules, I would be surprised if I met someone who is entirely opposed to Buck. Check your local fanfiction page and you’ll see that quite a number involves Buck (I’m included in this group too).

So, overrated? Yeah, but for pretty good reasons.

1.Jason Whittaker

Jason is probably one of the most popular characters in AIO. Whether people are discussing his spy career or his romantic life, you’re going to come across Jason some way or another.

Speaking of, it is pretty amusing to see all the arguments that result from who Jason should marry: Monica Stone? Tasha? Connie? Jillian Marshall? (the fans are either excited or worried about that last one)

Take a look around the fanfiction bases, and you many lose count of how many stories involve Jason Whittaker in some way or another. *whistles casually, knowing that I am on that list too*

So, overrated? Yeah. But why not? Some characters may deserve such high ratings.


Well, that was weird. I say overrated, but their popularity really doesn’t annoy me or anything. Anyway, that’s my opinion on modern popular characters.

If you were to make a list of the top five overrated characters, who would be on it? I’m curious to see what yours would be. Comment below!