It has been a pretty slow time for news. I do have a few other posts I could work on, but there have been a few minor pieces of news recently that I want to comment on.

Official Podcast
In my previous post, I wrote about a Club moderator who said that Album 71: A Slippery Slope would be discussed on the May 19 episode of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. Well, the podcast episode was released on May 19. It is an interview with Will Ryan and Katie Leigh. In this podcast, Katie Leigh and Will Ryan tell stories and talk about playing the roles of Connie Kendall and Eugene Meltsner, the book they’ve written, and their new show they started, called Tell Ya Later. Definitely worth listening to! Be sure to visit Katie Leigh’s website to buy a copy of their book and to check out and support their show, Tell Ya Later.

Strangely enough, there is no mention of album 71 in this podcast episode or the Club release date for it. Perhaps the Club moderator who said that it would be was mistaken. That’s quite disappointing. Maybe it will be discussed in the next podcast episode. I’m pretty sure that it will be in July somewhere. Another Club moderator made this statement a few days ago:

AIO Album # 71: A Slippery Slope, will be released on AIOC July 2021.


This is one of many statements by different Club moderators who all say that album 71 will release in the Club in July. I’m going to trust that this is correct information, since that’s when the albums are usually released. Now, all we need is a specific release date. I’m sure that it will be announced very soon.

New Compilation Album
In other news, a new compilation album, called “The Fruit of the Spirit”, was announced last year by AIOWiki. This album features 12 different episodes about the 9 fruits of the spirit. It used to be called “The Fruits of the Spirit” (with an ‘S’ at the end of ‘fruit’) but it was changed to “The Fruit of the Spirit”. I guess the ‘S’ was removed to be grammatically correct.

The new compilation album

The album is set to release on CD on June 8, 2021 and is available for preorder on the Focus on the Family Store, Barnes and Noble, CBD, Walmart, and Amazon. Interestingly enough, the Focus on the Family Store says that the album will release on August 3, 2021 while all the other sellers say June 8, 2021. I wonder if this is a mistake.

We also know when this album will be released on the Adventures in Odyssey Club. In the comments section of the latest Name That Episode, someone asked when the Fruit of the Spirit album will come out. A Club moderator made this statement:

Those 12 episodes will be ready to stream on May 25!


So, it looks like this Fruit of the Spirit album will release in Club on May 25, just a few days away. That’s something to look forward to. Although I’m slightly wary of whether the Club moderators have their facts right, I’m going to assume that this is correct. Also, I think the Club release date for this album may have also been announced in Clubhouse Magazine. So, be sure to check there to make sure.

Get In The Show
On the topic of Club moderators, on that same page, another Club moderator made a statement when someone asked about if there will be another Get in the Show.

There will definitely be more Get in the Show contests. We just don’t know when yet. Thanks for asking!


This is interesting. As we all know, the first Get in the Show! contest was in 2012. The winner of the contest was Shonna Kennedy, who now plays Jules Kendall. There was a second one in 2017, and the winner was Grayson Smith, who performed in the “30th Birthday Live Show” episode. And now it looks like there will be another one at some point. I’m going to randomly predict that this third one will be in 2022 or 2023, since it was roughly five years between the first one and the second one.

Megapack 2 Summary and Episode Amount
In my previous post, I wrote about the second megapack compilation album which is set to release on October 1, 2021. Thanks to CBD, we now have an official summary which reveals the number of episodes that will be in it. Here it is:

Say goodbye to boring car rides with the second spectacular super-sized set of beautifully produced Adventures in Odyssey episodes! Unleash your whole family’s imagination as you teach biblical lessons in a fun and entertaining way with these lighthearted comedies, rousing adventures, and gripping mysteries. Includes 75 specially chosen programs on 25 CDs. Approx. 30 hours.


It looks like it will have the same amount of episodes that the first Megapack has. I wonder which episodes will be in this one. Will there be entirely different ones, or will there be some episodes from the first Megapack in here? I look forward to learning more information about this new compilation album. Don’t forget to preorder the album from CBD!

Megapack Finding
Now, here’s the final news item. It’s not quite news, but rather something interesting I found that I thought I’d share. While researching information about the second megapack album, I stumbled onto a page on the official website for the Arizona Department of Education. On that page was the name of the first Megapack album.

The page with Megapack

I’m not quite sure what this page is or why it is there, but it looks like Arizona Department of Education has approved the first Megapack album as a reading book, or something. Included on the page is a link to the album’s CBD page (or album description, to be specific). This is quite interesting. Why is this album on their website? Has the Arizona Department of Education decided to require students to listen to an Adventures in Odyssey album as part of their curriculum? This is just something interesting I found that I thought I’d include in this post. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to look into it further.

Well, that’s just about all the minor news for today. I’ll be writing another post, hopefully something other than news, as soon as I can. If you have any thoughts on any of these news items, please leave a comment!

-Signed, Polehaus53