Hello, everyone!

This week has been really crazy. As I did not have time to write an article, I decided to post one of my old fanfictions. Which is based off my fantasy of the Parker family being landed with a dog. Enjoy!

(just for background, the Jones family is on vacation in California)

POV: Matthew Parker

Hey Emily!

How are things up in California? Have you met any celebrities yet? Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Man, the past week has been nuts.

It all started when our family was on a bike ride in the park. Mom and Dad wanted to ride alone on a trail, so Olivia, Camilla, and I went on another path. It went really deep into some woods and was pretty overgrown.

Anyway, we were riding along when we heard this crackling in the bushes. Olivia and Camilla were insisting it was a bear, but it sounded way too small for that. I got off the bike and went to look for whatever-it-was. In the bushes, there was a puppy! Seriously, there was. It wasn’t a stray. It looked like a purebred German Shepherd.

Olivia and Camilla immediately forgot about the bear thing and came to see. The puppy was friendly. He came right up to us. But he was muddy, smelly, and skinny. We decided that it must be lost and agreed to show it to Mom and Dad.

Olivia put him in her bike basket and we rode back to find them. You can imagine how the following conversation went once we finally caught up to them. Not pretty. We eventually compromised by saying that we would take him home, then start calling animal shelters to see if any of them would take him.

At home, Mom started calling a bunch of animal shelters. They all said that they were full, but agreed to start advertising a found dog for us. I suggested that we give the puppy a bath and then take pictures so we could make the posters.

Well, a puppy and a bath don’t go together. He tried to jump out of the tub the whole time, so I had to sit in the bathtub and hold him down while everyone else scrubbed him. That was disgusting. You should have seen the water once we were done. Then, before we could get a towel, he shook everywhere and ran all over the house. Mom wasn’t too happy about that.

Finally, he was dry enough. Camilla wanted to name him Riot, but Dad said not to since we wouldn’t be keeping him. We took the pictures and sent them to the animal shelter.

Honestly, I don’t know what we were expecting. I guess we expected someone to claim him right away. Mom even had us print out fliers and hang them all over the neighborhood. We went clear to Whit’s End with those things! Then we went back home.

Right after that, Wyatt Perkins showed up. He wanted to see the dog and started giving us advice about what to do with him. Something about making him go to sleep with a stopwatch…eating six times a day…and the owners having to get a month-long series of vaccinations. Don’t ask. We sure didn’t.

The whole day passed, but no one called. Then two days. Then three. The whole time, Riot (we couldn’t just call him “dog”) was being a puppy. He chewed up a lot of stuff, had a lot of accidents, and was noisy at night. Olivia, Camilla, and I had to watch him at night in shifts. It was that bad. He whined if we ignored him. No one slept much during that time.

Three days later, everyone was exhausted. I know I’ve always said I wanted a pet, but I didn’t realize how much work a puppy was. Olivia and Camilla were very disenchanted. I think Dad was happy about that, though. And then we finally got a call from the owner, who actually lived in Odenton! I bet she was glad to get her dog back. (the pup’s real name was Rocky)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I think the work would be worth it to have a dog. But you know how pets always go with us.

So yeah. That’s what’s been going on over here. Can’t wait until you get back. It’s pretty quiet around here. And I’m looking forward to taking apart whatever souvenirs you get. 😉

-Matthew Parker