In the past few months, there has not been much happening in AIO news. The cover art for album 71: A Slippery Slope was revealed recently, but since then there has not really been much news to report.

However, this has changed. A few random news items have recently appeared on the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast and in the Adventures in Odyssey Club! Some of this information wasn’t enough to make a post about so I thought I’d combine everything into one post and give my thoughts on it all. So, without further ado here are the latest random bits of news:

Hints About Upcoming Episodes
Zoe Grant’s Future Episodes
On April 12, the Adventures in Odyssey Club released its latest Cut-and-Fold character: Zoe Grant.

The post which appeared in the ‘Bonus’ section of the Club

In the description, there were a few paragraphs about Zoe and how it was time to create a Cut-and-Fold character for her. In the description, it states that Zoe “…will play an important role in Album 71, A Slippery Slope.” The final paragraph, however, is the most interesting. It makes a statement about Zoe Grant’s family and role in future episodes:

By the way, some of you have asked if we’ll ever get to meet Zoe’s family on the show. Actually, yes. It may be a year or two before those episodes are produced, but the writers have talked about introducing the Grants and making them an active Odyssey family. Stay tuned!

AIO Club

Very interesting! The AIO Team has been introducing a lot of new families in Odyssey lately: The Perkins family and the Calhoun family. While the Calhoun family has only appeared in “Good Job!”, the Perkins family have been featured in a lot of episodes recently. Now the AIO Team is introducing the rest of the Grant family. It looks like we’re going to have more new families in Odyssey. And I’m all here for that.

“The Team”
Atticus Shaffer (voice of Morrie Rydell) and April Hong (voice of Suzu Rydell) were recently interviewed on the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. In the interview, we learned a few things: Morrie and Suzu will be appearing in “The Team”, the first episode of album 71: A Slippery Slope. Atticus Shaffer also gave a preview about the episode:

As far as what’s coming up in this next episode…unlike the escape room episode where we see Morrie kind of teeter to that very dark side, this is going to be an episode where there’s going to be a great opportunity for Morrie and Suzu to be shown in a much more positive light. And what are the implications of that and how they actually end up helping Emily against a different antagonist character that comes into play.

Atticus Shaffer

Very interesting. Who is this different antagonist? Maybe Valerie Swanson? I’m looking forward to hearing the episode when it is released.

“The Revenge of Bigfoot”
In another episode of the official podcast, there was an interview with Luke Guenot, the new sound designer. In this interview, he mentions that he has made small cameos in recent episode. When asked what they were, his response was:

“There’s Revenge of Bigfoot. I do the sound of Jay swallowing a marshmallow, so you can hear me do that. In Hurricane Perkins I make the sound of Wyatt hacking.”

Luke Geunot

As you read, Luke mentions two episode titles: “The Revenge of Bigfoot” and “Hurricane Perkins”. “The Revenge of Bigfoot”, the other episode Luke mentions, is an Adventures in Odyssey Club excusive episode. According to AIOWiki, it is scheduled to be released in June. With Luke’s hint, we now know a small detail about it: Jay will eat a marshmallow in it! Interesting titbit. This new information will undoubtedly result in speculation and theories from AIO fans all around the world: Why will Jay be eating a marshmallow in this episode? Will he choke on it? Is he on a camping trip? How will the consumption of marshmallows tie into the episode’s overall plot and moral? The possibilities are endless!

Album Releases
Compilation Album
In 2019, the AIO Team released its largest album ever, simply called Megapack. This compilation album contains seventy-five previously released episodes on twenty-five CDs. It’s a gigantic collection and is perfect to give as a gift to get someone interested in AIO. It contains lots of classic episodes. You can order it on the Focus on the Family Store, CBD, or Amazon.

Two years after the release of the Megapack, AIOWiki unexpectedly announced that a second Megapack is going to be released! Although we do not know how many episodes it will contain, we do know that it is set to release on October 1, 2021. It is currently available for pre-order on CBD.

Album 71
And finally, we now know when we will learn the release dates for Album 71: A Slippery Slope. On the Adventures in Odyssey Club, in the comments section of the “Refugees on the Run” page, a moderator recently made the following statement:

You asked when Album 71 will be discussed on the podcast. We’ve just heard that the May 19 episode will have info on the upcoming album! Episodes for this album are scheduled to debut on the Club in July.


I assume that this moderator is a reliable source. We can all look forward to the next episode of the Official Podcast! While we do know that Album 71 will release on CD on October 5, 2021 (151 days away as of the publication of this post), but we currently do not know when the album will release on the AIO Club or when it will air on the radio. I guess that this upcoming podcast will announce all these things. As of the publication of this post, May 19 is currently 12 days away. Everyone can start counting down the days. I know I will be.

Well, there you go. Some of those were pretty silly, but I hope you all are now informed of the latest random bits of news. Any thoughts on any of these news items? Be sure to leave a comment!

-Signed, Polehaus53