Happy April Fools day. It is a tradition to listen to the episode “I Slap Floor” on April 1 every year. That legendary episode is hilarious and makes you want to do a prank. That episode also started something else: an AIO fan saying “I Slap Floor!” whenever a prank is done.

It is a tradition for Adventures in Odyssey websites and podcasts to do an April Fools prank every year and say “I Slap Floor!” It’s the classic thing that we should expect but fall for it every year. Or at least I fall for them every year…

There have been quite a few over the years. In this post, I will be going through some of them. I will not be listing every single one ever done, I’ll just be going through some of my favorite ones.

2011: Fake Sample Album Art On The Odyssey Way

The fake working cover art

The website The Odyssey Way, run by Original Joe from 2010-2012, did two pranks. One with the news of Andre Stojka being unable to voice Whit in 2010 and then another one the next year. I’ll focus on the second one. On April 1, 2011, Original Joe announced a new sampler album called “Pranks for the memories” will be released. The album would include the episode “Pranks for the Memories”, “I Slap Floor”, and an entirely new episode. He even revealed the working cover art for it. I’m not sure where he got the sketch from, but it was a pretty clever one.

2013: Soda Shop Changed to My Little Pony

The Header

I wasn’t on the Soda Shop Message Boards during this prank. But from what I can understand, in 2012 there was a lot of discussion on the Soda Shop about the show My Little Pony. Some liked the show and others didn’t. Some members complained that it was a kids’ show (despite the Soda Shop being a message board for a kids show). There was much discussion and complaining from different members regarding this topic, so for April Fools 2013, several of the administrators on the Soda Shop designed a My Little Pony Theme, changing the entire website from an Adventures in Odyssey message board to a My Little Pony message board. The above header was created for it. A nice pink theme. This was a very funny prank with different reaction from each of the members.

2015: Merging the ToO and the SS

Shadowpaw’s announcement

This one was quite interesting. In 2014, there were were discussions on the Town of Odyssey message boards and discussions on the Soda Shop message boards about the two boards merging together to become one. Although it was only a discussion piece and not many were in favor of it, this idea became an apparent reality. On April 1, 2015, the creator of the Town of Odyssey Message Boards, Shadowpaw, made an official announcement that that the ToO would be merging with the Soda Shop Message Boards and be renamed The Soda Town. A fake website was even created with a design that combined the two boards to accommodate the announcement. Lots of people fell for it. Needless to say, this got quite a few negative reactions from Soda Shop and ToO members. Personally, I thought it was pretty funny.

2017: AIO Wiki Changed to Christopher Diehl Wiki.

Revision of the main page on April 1, 2017

This one was funny and my favorite of all time. I remember the day quite well. I went to AIOWiki like I always did and found, to my surprise, that it had been changed! It was now a Christopher Diehl Wiki which nobody was allowed to edit with a funny-looking homepage. After staring at it for a while, I tried searching things on the site and found everything else to be the same. I then remembered the date. Later that evening, it was changed back to how it was before. A news item also appeared that evening opening with, “Welcome back to AIOWiki (not the Christopher Diehl Wiki…)”.

Of all the pranks, this one remains my favorite. Hmm, I wonder if Christopher Diehl ever saw it.

2018: Welcome to Odyssey Fake Episode Descriptions

Hope’s post on Welcome to Odyssey

Before Album 65: Expect the Unexpected came out, the Welcome to Odyssey blog made a post announcing the episode descriptions for the episodes in it. These episodes descriptions were fake, but what makes this particular prank so interesting is that some aspects of those fake descriptions have become realities. The fake description for “The Shame About Fame” describes Jules Kendall who falls “into a trap when the chance to become famous appears”. This is strikingly similar to what happened to Jules in the Album 69 episodes “California Dreams, Parts 1-2”. She becomes famous and suffers the consequences. The fake episode description for “The Good in People” mentions Buck Oliver becoming involved with Morrie. In the album 70 episode “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”, Buck makes an appearance with Morrie and plays a major part in the episode.
These episode descriptions were entirely made up, but I find it fascinating that the things I pointed out have actually happened in Odyssey.

2018: AIOWiki Podcast Ending

The news item which appeared

I actually fell for this one. I was shocked when I saw the announcement. I even thought that all the episodes would be removed, so I started downloading all the episodes. I then remembered the date and listened to the episode, relieved when it was revealed that it was only a prank. Good one, Lee.

Well, there you go! These are a few of my favorite April Fools pranks that have been pulled on various AIO websites over the years. ASmouseInTheHouse and I thought of doing one this year, but we didn’t have time to. We also did not have the resources to do what we wanted to do.

What do you think? Which pranks is your favorite? What prank did you pull today? Have you ever experienced a prank? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

By the way, we are planning on changing this site to an entirely different website. Maybe to a Harlow Doyle appreciation website. Or something non-Odyssey related, we’re not sure. We’ve talked about it, and decided it is the best for us moving forward.

Just kidding. I Slap Floor!

That was terrible.

-Signed, Polehaus53