Hello, there. It looks like you’ve discovered the Odyssey Obsessors. (Yes, we know that’s not a word. But it could be! (And besides, it sounds good and fits our purposes.))

This site is for – you guessed it – everything related to Adventures in Odyssey! We’ll be posting things from news to episode reviews to character analysises. (analysis? analysii? forget it.)

So, why start an Odyssey site? Aren’t there a lot already? Yes, we agree, there are a ton of active AIO fan podcasts, but there aren’t many currently active blogs. We were inspired by the Welcome to Odyssey blog to start a site of our own. (Seriously, those guys did a great job with that blog and we enjoyed following it)

And by “we”, we mean us: ASmouseInTheHouse and Polehaus53 from The Soda Shop and The Town of Odyssey message boards. We are siblings and it’s safe to say that we have been fans of AIO for some years, but only recently got involved with the online fanbase. Posts on Odyssey Obsessors will be by ASmouseInTheHouse, Polehaus53, and hopefully, some by both of us!

Things we hope to do:

  • Reviews of Odyssey book series (Blackgaard Chronicles, Young Whit, etc.)
  • Clubhouse Magazine news
  • Fanfiction
  • Episode reviews
  • Important AIO news
  • Competitions
  • Random things we come up with along the way

So, come along for the ride as we unpack all things Odyssey! We hope you’ll enjoy the posts to come.